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Sep 19, 2012 02:26 PM

What kind of dessert should I bring to an Ocktoberfest pot luck?

Thanks! (Nothing to difficult please.)

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  1. edited, sorry, wrong info!

    1. Apple or cherry strudel. You can cheat by using frozen filo dough instead of making your own strudel dough.

      Apple or pear kuchen.

      1. A Black Forest cake isn't too bad. You could wing it by just making a chocolate cake and using cherry pie filling either between the layers or on top. Make a dam with frosting to keep it from running down the side. You could add a little cherry brandy to the pie filling.

        If you really want easy, make these mini cheesecakes

        You can improve them with cherry brandy of course... go with the sweeter DeKuyper's rather than Kirschwasser unless your friends really like alcohol.

        Variations on these: Use an oreo wafer or a graham cracker wafer instead of the vanilla wafer.

        As simple as these mini cheesecakes are, you will be surprised how fast they go at a pot luck.

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          I don't have a recipe, but maybe a brownie or bar *with Black Forest cake* flavors like chocolate and cherry. Just a little easier to transport and divide for a potluck.

        2. More Bier!!

          Just kidding - like above posters I would recommend a traditional European desert like a chocolate cake or streudel. Another option is a Eurpoean cheese/chocolate platter but that is probably too involved.

            1. re: Scoutmaster

              Agree--anything pumpkin. Great for fall, great flavor,and you can send any leftovers my way.