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Sep 19, 2012 02:08 PM

Where to Go Around Norwich VT

Friends just moved to Norwich, VT and are seeking restaurants of all types to try out.
Please help!

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  1. Norwich is pretty small, so crossing the bridge helps a Hanover...

    Yama for sushi and Korena...our fav
    Lou's for breakfast and lunch diner food
    Jewel of India for ok Indian
    The Hanover Coop for prepared foods, hard to find, organic
    Molly's or canoe club for passable American

    In Norwich...
    carpenter and Main or Norwich Inn for pub food
    king Arthur's for all things baking and some prepared foods

    Do a search on Hanover or Upper Vallety for more!

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      To madisoineats' list I'll add:

      Stella's In Lyme for Italian
      Elixir in White River Junction
      Simon Pearce in Quechee

    2. The Norwich area (aka the Upper Valley) has a surprisingly good array of places to eat for a rural area. Here are a few more:

      Three Tomatoes in Lebanon - Italian - a fun place
      Ankgor Wat in Woodstock - casual byob asian
      Jasper Murdock at the Norwich Inn - Norwich - brew pub
      Salt Hill Pub - Lebanon - Irish pub - Irish jam sessions on Tuesdays. There are also Salt Hills in Hanover and Newport, and they all have live music.
      Orient - Hanover - reasonably good Chinese
      Tip Top Cafe - White River - upscale bistro

      Also - Norwich is less than 3 hours from Montreal, a foodie's nirvana.

      1. Just noting: King Arthur Flour's retail store just got a huge facelift and is having a grand opening this weekend with prizes and samples and I think possibly cooking lessons. Totally worth visiting. :)