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Williamsburg:Taste of the Seasons Harvest Dinner at W. Lodge?

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Has anyone heard anything about this meal, held at the W. Lodge restaurant? Does the restaurant have a reputation for good food, or am I better eating elsewhere in town?

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  1. I haven't heard a thing about this dinner and apart from grabbing a drink in the bar, I haven't eaten at the lodge in years. I can't tell you that you should skip it but if you want to hear about the restaurants in town, we can help you out. Tell us what you like.

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      We enjoy good food and a good wine. DH enjoys southern food more than I do, since it brings back memories of summers he spent in VA as a child. We will have our 9 y.o. Ds with us, who is used to eating out in restaurants although I wouldn't advise a three hour dinner. Ds likes chicken fingers, duck confit and steak, but not pizza or chocolate, go figure...no fast food or greasy joints. Need ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Figured we might do one requisite colonial tavern for lunch, more for the experience than the food.

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        For dinner I'd recommend Blue Talon in Merchants Square. It has a French bistro menu and is casual enough for your 9 yo. For a Southern fix, try the Chickahominy House on Jamestown Rd for breakfast. Your son may enjoy lunch at Charleys at the private Williamsburg airport. It's about 10 min from town off 199. Usually at least one plane takes off or lands during lunch. Plus they have great sandwiches and pie.

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          Blue Talon looks like it will do nicely. For our second night, any thoughts on second street bistro, food for thought or fat canary or chef's kitchen?
          Chickahominy House for Breakfast sounds goods as well. How far is that from Williamsburg Lodge?

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            You can knock Chef's Kitchen and Fat Canary off the list. Neither are places I think a 9 yo would be comfortable at. Second St doesn't have the reputation that some of the other restaurants in town do but it has a great, varied menu and I've never had a meal I didn't enjoy when I dined there. I think it would be a very good choice for the family. Food for Thought, on the other hand, does have a good reputation but my meals there have been meh. I also like the atmosphere better at 2nd St than at FfT.

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              Nothing in Williamsburg is far from the Lodge. You can get anywhere in Williamsburg within 15 from the Lodge.

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                Thank you. DH and DS liked the menu at Blue Talon for Saturday evening. Will do King's Arms Tavern Sunday followed by the ghost tour for DS, since all the kids seem to enjoy the experience.

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                  We are having a family debate about Sunday evening: King's Arms Tavern vs. Food for Thought. A friend of ours was there in May and said KAT was terrible food, but other reviewers say it is OK, and ambiance is great. We have reservations at both, but need to cancel one of them...