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Sep 19, 2012 01:14 PM

Olvera St. Style Taquitos in Hollywood?

I love the style of thin "avocado sauce" served with taquitos at the Olvera Street stands, and often crave them. I live in Hollywood... does anyone know of anyplace to get 'em without trekking downtown? All I find, even at the diviest dives, is actual guacamole.

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  1. This may not be any closer, but Titos Tacos in Culver City serves a thin avocado sauce.

    1. Actual Guacamole.... the nerve...

      Sorry, I couldn't help myself... LOL!

      Anyway, I think that Avocado paste you are thinking of is pretty industrial stuff that the guys at Olvera street can afford. I think the closest you can probably get is Avocado Salsa. Like the type served at El Pollo Loco. You can find that and Taquitos at El Gran Burrito.


      1. I think that the Costco Business centers sell it and some Smart & Final's, be sure to get the refrigerated ones

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          There always seems to be some after taste that I don't like to the commercially produced versions of this "avocado" sauce. Hell, there is even some versions that don't have any avocado in it from what I recall.

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            So that is the reason why their avocados don't oxidize.

        2. I've always wondering if it wasn't just supposed to be a tomatillo sauce with that citrusy edge, not avocado. But I love Cielito Lindo's Taquitos & Sauce.

          One look at their website and one learns that it an "old family recipe" and has avocados in it. I still love it.

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            Impressively ill-informed and non-responsive replies! Yes, Tito's Tacos is further from Hollywood than Olvera Street. I can make taquitos at home using Smart and Final's sauce, or I can make my own, and have. But deep frying in my kitchen in a heatwave isn't what I'm after.

            Even a casual sampling of Olvera Street taquitos will tell you that at least three of them make their own sauce, because they're all quite different. One, Juanita's, posted their recipe and preparation technique on a thread on my blog, linked at the bottom. Yes, it has avocados in it. @@. The ingredients are all fresh.

            Silverlakegirl, Cielito is a treasure, but have you ever tried the taquitos at Juanita's, one up from Cielito Lindo, and Rodolfo's near the top? Both better sauces, IMHO. More here.


            1. re: jesstifer

              Realized that Juanita's owner's comments are pretty far down the thread, thought I'd post it here for convenience. :-) I've made it, it's the stuff!

              Sadly, no one knows of a spot in Hollywood. I'll have to continue the quest alone.


              The Guacamole Sauce at Juanita's contains these ingredients and approximate amounts. tomatillo, 40%.
              avocado, 35%. Jalapenos, fresh not canned or pickled, 15%. cilantro, 5%. The rest is the broth from the tomatillo to desired thickness , salt and garlic.

              All the ingredients are fresh , not canned or frozen.
              the Tomatillo and jalapenos are stewed but not boiled or the tomatillo will disintegrate.

              For best results buy a small stone grinder called a "molino" in spanish. A blender can't quite get the proper consistency.

              The tomatillo. avocado and cilantro are fed into the molino along with the tomatillo broth and a bit of salt and garlic. At the end you can add salt , garlic and tomatillo broth to thickness and taste.

              Edward, Owner of Juanita's.