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Sep 19, 2012 12:55 PM

ideas for "scary food"- themed dinner

My food club is having a dinner with the theme "scary food."

We're pretty upscale as to ingredients and techniques so nothing is off the table. What I don’t want: squid ink anything (taken), offal (taken/done for past theme), balut, fugu, nor anything cute like spider web decorated cupcakes, cookies in the shape of fingers, etc.

My only thought so far is something referencing pink slime—not to actually cook with it but make something that looks like it or relates to it. Don’t know what.

So, you creative cooks out there, any ideas?

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  1. So you want something that looks visually revolting then?

    Serve some cod that hasn't been verified for parasites. Or get some yamaimo and grind yourself some snot; reinforce with natto to look like boogers.

    Update: you can serve the latter as a side alongside some braised snout (done like rafute).

    Update 2: I did think of something else but it depends on whether you can get the base product - fermented tofu, as in stinky tofu or the fermented varieties which have the mycelia all over it.

    1. Raw oysters or clams with a bit of blood-red sauce on them

        1. Black pudding
          Blood soup
          Painfully hot and spicy
          Frog legs

          1. Anything with trans-fats, hfcs, meat glue, rice.

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              Vidute, don't forget the Pink Slime!