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Sep 19, 2012 12:10 PM

Snacks/Light food for a group of 20.

I have the responsibility to arrange for some light food/snacks for a group of 20 or so people. They are all adults and no children. The idea would be get something interesting or ethnic. I am open to any kind of suggestions. The budget is moderate.

I don't know if I have provided enough information so just ask me.


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  1. There are some suggestions here:

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      1. Are you looking for a restaurant that can do this or could you use a caterer or personal chef in a non-restaurant space?

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          Something to take out and serve in our work place. So more like a restaurant/cafe than a personal chef.

          1. re: sabman

            I'd go to those Middle Eastern stores in Watertown--Sevan, Arax--and buy an assortment of appetizers--olives, Bulgarian feta, hummus, baba ganoush, grape leaves--get a couple of boxes of grape or cherry tomatoes, maybe a couple of fresh cucumbers, and arrange it all beautifully on a couple of platters--with some baskets of white and whole wheat pita.

            While you're in Watertown, you could pick up some nuts or dried fruit (or even baklava, if you're in a crowd that wants to nibble on something sweet.)

            1. re: femmevox

              Thanks. Middle Eastern is definitely one of the options I am considering.

              1. re: sabman

                i often do wht femmevox suggested when I have a crowd and it's cost-efficient and excellent and beautiful to stock up at Sevan and Arax, where you can also get what you need for a fruit platter as well as great cookies, etc. if you want something similar put together for you check out garlic 'n lemons or esperia (I think they both have on-line menus and will cater for you) - if you want something light but on the Italian end, try Domenic's in Waltham which is my go to place for Italian paninis, etc. for a crowd. Sea to You Sushi will also probably do a decent spread on the Japanese side. I don't do Chinese takeout for a crowd because I've never found it holds up well (gets greasy fast, can't keep it hot, etc). However, I'll make an exception for Bon Chon chicken, which does stay amazingly crisp for a couple of hours and makes a great snack alongside perhaps cold noodle salad and a plate of veggies.