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Sep 19, 2012 11:18 AM

Help! Crockpot Criss for Tonite's Dinner!

Ok, I am making venison chili in the crockpot. Have made it before, no prob. however, today I ran short on tomatoes and it is looking dry. I have tomato sauce (the jarred spaghetti kind) and jarred salsa, both of which I keep on hand for emergencies, like now! Can I add either of those or will it throw off the taste? I have 2 lbs of venison and only enough tomatoes for 1 pound. I could add water, but then it wouldn't taste as rich. Chicken stock? I have that too. What to do?

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  1. Salsa, definitely. Also, if you happen to have a can of tomato paste, you can use that with some of your stock.

    1. The jarred spaghetti kind of sauce is often sweet, that will throw off the taste. Jarred salsa would be better, but don't double up on the spice, e.g., salsa has chili, your recipe includes chili.

      Don't add water, use the salsa and back fill (qs) with chicken stock to have enough liquid for your venison.

      1. I've used either. If the spaghetti sauce is sweet, I've added a little vinegar or olive juice (the Spanish green with pimento kind--I often cut these olives into circles and add to chili anyway). Italian herbs (oregano especially) are similar to Mexican without the cumin, etc. that are in chili.

        Do a little on the side and taste, remembering that as it cooks in it will change for the better.

        1. So, I used the salsa and a bit of beef stock I found, which I thought might be better than the chicken stock. It gave extra moisture and turned out great. Thx all!