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Sep 19, 2012 11:19 AM

Munich and Puglia, Italy suggestions?

What are the best restaurants in Munich and Puglia, Italy? Price is not an issue.

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  1. Re Munich, I hope you have used search to find some of the other threads re Munich eating.
    we really enjoyed the town
    here's one thread, there are others.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Yes, thank you! Those threads helped and I'm definitely looking to try a few of those spots. I like to hit places that locals frequent that boast intersesting, quality food. I also occasionally like to hit the molecular gastronomy spots. Here's my tentative list and feel free to comment!

      special treat at the corner of Prinzeregenten and Bruderstrasse
      Wirtshaus In Der Au
      best schnitzel is Königsquelle
      La Baracca Restaurant
      Restaurant Theresa
      Tramin Restaurant

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        you might also be interesting in trolling through the info in the spottedbylocals munich blog

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          What is at the corner of Prinzregentenstr & Bruderstr? A Greek place, Haus der Kunst...?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Just got back from Munich, and my recommendation is the English Gardens at the Chinese Tower. If you are interested in local, Bavarian style food, in a relaxed, outdoor setting, then you can't beat it. When we were there an umpa band was playing music about 11:00 AM. There were people there, but it was not crowded, but it became crowded in the afternoon. It is self-service, but they are preparing everything there; the haxen, and roasted chicken, sausages, salads, bavarian radish, Kaiserschmarn (torn pancake with raisins), potato salad, cake, beer, etc. It's all really good and comfort food, and you can't beat the ambiance on a sunny day!