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Best of Quincy

Hi, I moved to Quincy this past year and have been checking out the boards. It seems that many of the threads are now several years old, so I'm curious what you feel are the best of the restaurants that Quincy has to offer. I tend to shy away from the fried fish and burger joints, and I'm especially interested in the varied ethnic restaurants. I've had good Thai from Little Duck, very good Chinese at Hong Kong Eatery and China Pearl, and decent food at the Fat Cat and Fox and Hound. I also enjoyed the cheaper prix fixe nights that Alba offered last spring. My best find to date has been the South Shore India Market, on Quincy Ave in Braintree. Great take out in the back - on the weekends they make a mutton dish that is fabulous. I've heard Falafal King is great and Punjab. Where is the best Vietnamese? Sushi? What's great at Kam Man? Appreciate any chowish finds!

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  1. Don't get to Quincy often but my Chinese freind says Kam Man has better BBQ duck than anywhere in Chinatown.

    1. You can find good Vietnamese at Pho Hoa in North Quincy and good pho at the place in Kam Man. It was renovated and under new owners as of 1-2 yrs ago, but the english name escapes me (Pho Country, or something like that??). But with Quincy bordering Dorchester, if you want the best Vietnamese, you can easily swing by Dot and get awesome stuff.

      A recent find of mine is Saigon Corner on Billings Rd. Good for wonton noodle soups an the like, and small rice plates. It doesn't necessary do the chinese BBQ type of rice plates, but my mom loves their pork chop rice plates. When they started, I found their soups to be a bit bland but maybe it's been a new chef, because on recent visits, I've found their noodles to be quite good. They also have awesome chili oil on their tables.

      I happen to like East Chinatown for chinese BBQ, and their Grand Chinatown outpost for dimsum. They're one of the better places for a sit down Chinese dinner, IMO. Ming's Seafood off Newport is also a decent place for Chinese. Royal Bakery has an outpost on that same street as Ming's Seafood (closer to Wollaston Station), but I don't remember that side street's name. It has good chinese bakery items, same as their Chinatown outpost.

      I've never tried LIttle Duck, but I do like the newish Pad Thai place on Hancock. The couple who runs the restaurant also seems really nice.

      I don't eat sushi a lot in Quincy, but I still think Fuji offers the best in the area. Beni cafe on the corner of Hancock and Billings also offers a decent quick fix for a few maki rolls (owned by the same owner as Fuji) but it's menu is no where near as extensive. They do have pretty good boba tea though - no where near as sweet as the stuff at Lollicup (ick).

      Not oft discussed, but I still really enjoy the shabu at Shabu off Hancock (North Quincy). A nicer setting than the typical Chinatown (Kaze or Shabu-Zen) joints but smaller.

      Kam Man doesn't have tons to offer, IMO, outside of the actual grocery and the Vietnamese place mentioned. There's a newer Korean/Japanese place I've never tried. Southern Garden has a few good dishes (I'm fond of their char kway teo) but probably nothing that really stands out.

      Some of the things that come to mind now - I'll add if I think of anything else. Welcome to the neighborhood (and yes, Falafel King is good!).

      1. Agree with Kobuta's suggestions, especially Fuji for sushi. I would also add Bistro Chai for Chinese.
        You may want to try JnJ Turo Turo for Filipino. The place is small and the staff is very helpful with making suggestions.
        I also really like Port 305 at Marina Bay for anything from steak tips to lobster Mac and cheese.

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          Thank you so much - I feel like I've hit the mother lode! I will be happily eating through winter with all of these suggestions. Now what about brunch besides dim sum? Great bakeries for bread? Are there any good deli's anywhere on the South Shore? ( corned beef and pastrami, great pickles) how about great Greek? Or good ethnic grocers? ( I'm looking for a place for feta and great olives) Any finds that have surprised you from holes in the wall on up? Thank you again!

          1. re: Merlej58

            Murray's Deli in Braintree(not lfar from the Quincy border) at the corner of Washington and Elm is good for corned beef, Fratelli's Bakery off Southern Artery near Roxi's Market has good cinnamon pecan rolls as well as many other really good baked goods. 10 minutes up 3A and you're at the Hingham Lobster Pound. It's only open seasonally and it's take out only. Great fried clams. A hifpdden gem is the OlymIc Diner in South Braintree. Some of the best seafood, onion rings as well as a large breakfast menu(served all day) really good blueberry pancakes and everything from lamb kabobs and Greek salad to burgers, chicken, steak tips, etc. A large menu and I've never gotten anything I didn't like.

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              If you cross the border over to Dorchester (Adams Village area) the Butcher Shop has some wonderful sausages. They make their own and have a good assortment. My favorites range from the chicken curry; lamb with mint; Irish breakfast to the spicy versions.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                Will definitely try. Also found Flat Black Coffee - very expensive but delish beans - that syrupy rich, almost chewy mouthfeel to coffee without a lot of acid in the area.

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                I just bought two cupcakes from Sadie's on Hancock St - haven't tried anything yet, but was surprised to see they have fresh baked bread too. Again, can't speak to quality yet, but it was a nice surprise. While not Greek, a short ride away is the Milton Marketplace. You have a great food store at the Fruit Center which has a great section for nice cheese, pate, olive oils, etc. I'd give them a try if you want to look for fancy olives (I can't vouch for that since I don't buy fancy olives). Their other food items are top notch though (including a whole wall of the Stonewall Kitchen products). In the same marketplace is the the breakfast place upstairs I think that's now called Marketplace Cafe. Offers a really nice menu for breakfast and brunch. Wheelhouse is great too, but if you're not in the mood for a tiny greasyspoon (or can't take the wait). this is a nice alternative for a comfortable space with good food. Nothing fancy but a solid take on your mainstream breakfast/brunch items.

                And I can't believe I forgot to mention Tony's Clam Shop! Excellent fried clams (as is the Clam Box next door), but I prefer Tony's.

                EDIT: Just adding that there's another halal market right next to Sadie's on Hancock. Is relatively new, but I haven't seen a lot of crowds in there. A shame because it looks clean, and seems to have some interesting items. Will make it my goal to venture in soon.

                Had the S'mores cupcake I bought from Sadie's and was pleasantly surprised. This place doesn't have the frills of a babycakes in Wollaston (another worthy destination if you are into the trendy cupcakes thing) but this was one of the better cupcakes I've had. Not too sweet, and nice and moist - best of all, was only 50 cents! They have a special promotion for 50 cent cupcakes through this Saturday - go and sample and try some!

                1. re: kobuta

                  I love Milton Msrket as a source for truffle butter and they have a nice wine selection.

                  1. re: kobuta

                    Thanks for the Sadie's tip - will go tonight or tomorrow! In terms of feta and olives, since I used to live in Roslindale I would go to the Fish Market, run by Greeks, and they had barrels of olives and a wonderful assortment of feta cheese that didn't break the bank like most of the upscale markets do...

                    1. re: Merlej58

                      Gypsy Kitchen on Hancock St has a wonderful cheese selection and some decent wines. The owner is quite knowledgable and helpful when choosing cheeses.

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        Someone told me about their "gypsy sauce" - maybe a bottled hot sauce? How does it compare to Franks or to siriracha? And thanks for this tip!

                        1. re: Merlej58

                          Haven't tried the Gypsy sauce, but they do have a large selection of hot sauces. The owner started out selling hot sauces years ago at Fanueil Hall and she had an online business called LaSaucier.

                          1. re: Pegmeister

                            Interesting. Being a Boston girl I'm definitely not a connoisseur, but I do like a bit of warmth and spice at times. I'll check it out. BTW, enjoy your posts in general on Quincy!

                            1. re: Pegmeister

                              I remember her from where she started in a tiny hole in the wall storefront on Hyde Park Ave in Roslindale. The storefront was also called LaSaucier and closed shortly after she opened in Fanueil Hall.

                              1. re: catsmeow

                                Didn't she start at FH and expand to Rozzie?

                                I was a regular customer at both.

                                But Gypsy Kitchen doesnt enchant me much. Maybe I need to visit more.

                                1. re: C. Hamster

                                  I'm pretty sure she started in Rozzie. Haven't been to Gypsy Kitchen. I'll have to stop in one of these days.

                  2. re: Pegmeister

                    I've been a regular at jnj turo the last few months. This is a must visit but it's only open Friday saturday Sunday. Try the crispy pata and halo halo.
                    Sure Pinoy next door is a great place to buy Filipino desserts.

                    1. re: libertywharf

                      Yes, I found that place and enjoyed it, although I hated having the TV on while I ate, just a pet peeve of mine. Great home-cooked food in a restaurant! I enjoyed the peanut stew too.

                      1. re: Merlej58

                        Luckily I had someone to translate, but yes the shows were goofy and I also could have done without.

                  3. Best of Quincy may be South down in Hingham. Check some of the CH boards for stuff down there and along rt 53

                    1. Tony and the Clam Box along the beach

                      Wheelhouse diner for breakfast

                      1. Again, major yumminess seems to abound. However, I lived in JP and Roslindale and worked in Cambridge so I'm still trying to find some little funky gems. I look forward to trying the Olympic Diner and wonder if there are any farm to table places, great cheese shops, etc. Places like Ten Tables? Thanks for all these great responses!

                        1. Punjab Cafe has very good North Indian food at reasonable prices - nice people too.

                          1. Some other finds for you to try:

                            Sher A Punjab: It's a new Indian place where Blue-22 used to be, on Hancock Street in the Munroe Place building, in front of the Quincy Center T station. It's a wonderful place with delicious food, great service, and a selection of "modern Indian" items that are unique to their menu, or at least not commonly found elsewhere. They also deliver which is great.

                            A new Korean place just opened in Quincy Center on Hancock St. that is very good. Korean Grille. I've eaten there a few times now and it's very tasty, and the woman who runs it is a sweatheart. Give it a try.


                            My favorite Chinese places in Quincy at the moment are Hong Kong Eatery, as mentioned, and also the Little Panda Szechuan Hot Pot on Copeland Street in West Quincy. I think they are related somehow to the late, lamented Little Q Hot Pot. They have great Chinese Hot Pot, and really good Szechuan dishes. My favorites there are the Salt and Pepper chicken wings, Spicy Beef Tongue, Spicy Cabbage, House Noodle Soup (huge with the Chinese Herbal broth that is so good...), Lamb Steamed Dumplings, Spinach Fish, Ma Po Tofu. Everything I've had there was delicious. The people are also really sweet and friendly and I'm hoping everyone will give them a try.

                            Personally, I love Kam Man and their take out "deli" section. It's true that their roast duck and their soy sauce chicken are fantastic. They also have a full selection of yummy hot dishes that you can get as a Rice Plate for $7.50 for a large, which is enough for two meals.

                            I've heard good things about Secret Garden and the Pho place next door to it, both in Kam Man Plaza, but I haven't been myself. If I do, I'll report. But they are probably worth a try. China Pearl does a very nice Dim Sum that I feel is Chinatown quality and is worth going to check out. It's packed though, so go early on Saturday or Sunday, before 11am if possible.

                            Falafel King is great, personally I love Kagawa for Sushi (it's next door to Fuji on Hancock St.). There are also two nice Brazilian BBQ places, Spettu's and Zona Sul. My only caveat on Spettus is that they tend to overcook some of the meat, so if you like things bloody rare, you might be disappointed. They do have a lovely buffet though, and it's dirt cheap for what you get.

                            Quincy is also home to the area's only Filipino restaurant, the JNJ Turo Turo. Unfortunately, it's a tiny place and they close early (8pm most nights). But, if you get there early and/or get take out, the food is phenomenal.

                            Next door to JNJ, there's the Sure Pinoy Filipino market which has interesting stuff, and next door to THAT is a Halal market that has more interesting food and some take out items. Across the street from that is Sunshine market which has lots of ethnic produce (Latino, Indian, etc.


                            Finally, there's my newest find (just last week), the Big Boss Pantry. It's on Brook St. near Wollaston T station. It's a little take out place that specializes in Hong Kong Style food. I had a beef noodle soup which was full of tendons, and I think some tripe as well, in a delicous rich beef broth. I'm going back for dinner tonight to try some other things off the menu. Again, it closes early (8pm I think) and they don't have a web site and it's cash only I think. But, absolutely I'd be interested to see what other hounds think of it.

                            It also happens to be across the street from a very nice Chinese bakery which I've heard good things about but haven't tried anything myself. Kam Man also has a great bakery, as well.

                            I think that should keep you busy for a while. Quincy gets a bad rap because it isn't "trendy", but there is a LOT of great food, especially Chinese and other Asian. Happy eating!

                            UPDATE: For delis, Barry's Deli on Beale St. in Wollaston is very good. For bakeries and bread, there's Fratelli's bakery off of Rte 3A near Roxies, and a Panera Bread on Hancock in North Quincy which has nice bread.

                            For diners, make sure to try the Wheelhouse diner on Hancock St. near Hannaford's. It's a tiny dining car with maybe 6 booths and counter space. They are breakfast and lunch only, but they do a fantastic job with both. For gourmet food and wine and a good cheese selection, there's Gypsy Kitchen on Hancock St. (next to Sher a Punjab). As far as places like Ten Tables, that's really where Quincy falls short. Remick's is Marc Orfaly's attempt at that sort of chic, trendy dining experience, but I'm not at all a fan of it unfortunately. You are better off going to JP or Boston for that sort of dining. Quincy shines with cheap ethnic, or pub type places like Grumpy White's or the Fowler House.


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                            1. re: mwk

                              Great report, thank you so much. I've never had Filipino food except for pancit (sp?) back when I worked in a hospital with a lot of Filipinos, so I look forward to exploring that cuisine. And last summer I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in India, both in the north and the south, so I am always interested in good and authentic restaurant finds. I also enjoyed Kagawa, and also really dislike Remick's, so I will be glad to try your finds!

                              1. re: mwk

                                MWK I'm curious about Fowler House as I haven't been in over ten years. I got a little put out when the waitress called me out for the way I was sitting with one foot on the bench. I am less than 5 ft so the booths can be very uncomfortable. At tthe time,the owners grand kids were In the booth next to us walking all over the booths!!! So, I have never been back even though I loved their bar pizzas. So what is it like these days

                                1. re: Pegmeister

                                  it's not 5 star dining, but it's tasty. Personally, I hate bar pizza so I've never ordered one there. I like the steak tips and the pork chops with vinegar peppers. Portions are good and prices are reasonable. It's a good everyday neighborhood place.

                              2. I would like to second many of the replies (including Hong Kong Eatery, Bistro Chi, Sher-A-Punjab), and I would like to add La Paloma for comfy (not hardcore) Mexican food and drink.

                                1. Having lived in JP for many years and now moved to Dot ( but eat regularly in next door neighbor Quincy), I can safely say that you cannot find much if any of the current JP food ethos in Quincy, though you can find tasty food.

                                  Quincy/Dorchester is a different kinda place. Sorta like JP in 1982 when i first moved there. Ok maybe more evolved, like JP in 1995.

                                  No Ten Tables kinda places in Quincy.

                                  Lots of good eating in Quincy, city of restaurants and weird apartment buildings and lots of good recs here.

                                  I'll recommend having a beer at Malacheys while waiting for your Little Duck. And I would tell you to stay away from La Paloma at all costs. It's horrid. Sorry.

                                  And many thumbs up on what my Dot neighbors disdainfully refer to "the yuppy store" the fruit Market/Milton marketplace. It's not Dean and Delucas but it offers terrific produce, good but spendy meat, decent cheese and a lot of really interesting other stuff. Plus they have a lot of vendors and their own staff doing food tastings and wine tastings.

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                                  1. re: C. Hamster

                                    LOL - my dad moved to JP in the early 70's, so I totally remember that time. Today's Bread was THE place to go and hang out! I'm loving exploring Dorchester a bit, from the Vietnamese places to places like dbar. Haven't yet been to the yuppy store, did the yuppy thing instead at Fresh Market in Hingham....

                                    1. re: Merlej58

                                      Today's Bread! With those cinnamon rolls!

                                      Def get tp the yuppie store and to Tavalo right by Ashmont station

                                    2. re: C. Hamster

                                      la paloma - like other hole-in-the-wall irish pubs w/ food on the south shore w/ brazilian chefs - ive found it to have excellent grilled meat. the one thing i cant find in quincy is a decent loaf of bread - is there anything like a Clear Flour? Crown Royal occasional has loaves of white/raisin bread in those cube shapes but StopShop's closest thing to 'artisanal' is some factory-bread from new haven whose texture is off due to sitting in a truck 2 days and ive been biking to chau bakery in dorchester or milton fruit center but an hour roundtrip is a bit much just for a loaf of bread - maybe ive missed someplace

                                      1. re: ix9

                                        I stumbled on a pretty good bakery near BJs in Quincy near Crown Colony. They had many different types of bread, and I got a marble rye that was really good. After seeing a sign for it with an arrow pointing down a small industrial looking side street, I decided to investigate. O'Brian's Bakery 11 Vernon St. They had a pretty broad selection of baked goods including different kinds of soup.

                                        1. re: catsmeow

                                          Is that the same OBriens that used to be across from the Wollastan theatre?

                                            1. re: C. Hamster

                                              Yes it is the same one. Their bread is very good. Fratelli's Bakery off of Route 3A near the Quincy Animal Shelter has good bread as well.

                                              1. re: mwk

                                                Their bread is good but it's nothing like Clear Flour.

                                                I didn't know that they moved I thought they closed. I'll track them down soon.

                                          1. re: ix9

                                            La Paloma is hideous. Buy some TexMex from the frozen food case at Stop and Shop next door instead.

                                            Their salsa is pretty good, though.

                                        2. Best eateries in the area that I can think of are Tavolo at Ashmont station and Mrs. Jones in Lower Mills (Dot Ave.). Little Duck seems to have downhill in my opinion.

                                          1. We are finding ourselves dining outside of Quincy more and more. With all the Asian restaurants in the city, only one or two are fairly good. Nothing in my opinion is great. There are zero Italian restaurants in the city, and that goes for Gennaro's which I find marginal at best, and Villa Rosa is totally awful. Fat Cat is still very good, but who can get in at a regular dinner hour. I'm not sure what you see in the Fox and Hounds. The three tries we gave it were miserable failures. We like Alba, but they have a limited menu, and is now trying to compete with the Boston steakhouses. Go figure! Remick's, well they haven't figured it out yet. Grumpies and Fowler House are what they are, and one can only take so much of that. 305 and Siros at the Marina still do a good job as does the Inn at Bay Point.

                                            Boy do I wish someone would open a decent Italian restaurant in Quincy. An Asmont Grill, Tavolo or DBar would also work. Even a Venetian. That may be asking for too much.
                                            Sorry for the rant,

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                                            1. re: CocoDan

                                              Agree with the rant. I did Fox and Hounds with a Groupon and had a decent meal - nothing that I would rave about and too expensive for regular visits. I'm also not a fried food/burger eater so I don't do those places often, (even though I love fried clams - once a year is enough.) I agree with the need for great Italian, and I would love great Mexican, but we don't really have that in Boston, let alone Quincy. What I would love most, however, is an independent cinema that served fabulous snacks (a la the Coolidge, for example, but more). That would be heaven indeed.

                                              1. re: Merlej58

                                                I've been to Fox and Hounds twice and our group enjoyed both visits, so I'm not sure what was a "dismal failure" the place was packed both times as well, so someone seems to like them. But that's one of the difficult things about recommending restaurants. Everyone is different in their tastes and expectations. Personally, I love Gennaros and I do not see the special attraction of Tavolo or the Ashmont Grill. Not that they aren't nice restaurants or that the food isn't good, but I see no reason to rush to go to either one.

                                                By the way, Merle, there is good Mexican in Boston, but you need to go to East Boston to find most of it. Also, there is one very good Mexican place in Braintree, not far from Quincy, El Serape, on Commercial St. Very good and reasonably authentic. La Paloma was mentioned above, but it's a love it or hate it place, and most people I know hate it.

                                                Again, it seems as if Quincy's niche is ethnic food, which is fine. I know where to go to get trendy things or "farm to table" or any of that stuff. Meanwhile, if all of those places discover our little city, it might turn into another Somerville, with ridiculous house prices and rental costs. :)

                                                The only thing we all can agree on is that Villa Rosa is execrable and by all rights should not still be in business.

                                                1. re: mwk

                                                  Honestly, I don't think Fox and Hounds is a dismal failure, but I did think it was meh, made better with the Groupon. Haven't been to the others but will check them out. And yes, I have heard about East Boston Mexican but I'm honestly too lazy to go there! I'd really like to see a Southern place like Hungry Mother on the South Shore - great grits, pig, and good drinks and if the house prices rise because of it God bless it!

                                              2. re: CocoDan

                                                CocoDan, I went to Fox and Hounds with a Groupon and my opinion went from meh to blech. Will not go again even at half price. I think Fat Cat is the best thing of that ilk in the neighborhood.

                                                1. re: Merlej58

                                                  I'm not one to really be exceptionally picky at a restaurant. I've had three bad experiences at F&H. Never again.

                                                  1. re: typhoonfish

                                                    Was invted to go there Sunday night. Declined!
                                                    Wouldn't Enjoy,

                                                  2. re: Merlej58

                                                    I'm really curious, but what exactly was so bad? Was it the service or the food? Did something bad happen?

                                                    1. re: mwk

                                                      A million people were trying to get in their Groupon before it expired, so the service was slow, but not their fault. It was the food. We started with the won tons, and the shells were hard - not crispy, not toothsome, but hard. Filling taste was okay, but the two sauces that accompanied ranged from really sweet to sickeningly sweet. The salad with the grilled shrimp on top had small shrimp (two instead of the usual one jumbo) and the texture of those were off and the quality was not as high as I would have expected. The salmon dish was just okay - a little too much of the spice on top - they just don't seem to have a light hand with much and let the goodness of the food shine through. Menu fairly uninspiring as well. Nothing really bad happened, but not good enough at all for the prices they ask...

                                                2. Scrolling through this post, I see a few mentions about bakeries but nothing on Konditor Meister, which is a very serious place and should not be left out of any discussion. They are old school bakers: butter, eggs, flour, sugar and not a lot of fake fillers, flavors or other rubbish. We still hit them up sometimes for special occasion cakes, and come from Metro-west to do so. They always get our order right, and their quality is consistently high. Try anything, but don't miss the cakes and pastries decorated with fresh fruit.

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                                                  1. re: rubysdad

                                                    I know it's gotten mixed reviews on these boards but I've always really liked the cakes from Konditor Meister. Not only ase they asthetically beautiful, they taste good too.

                                                    1. re: catsmeow

                                                      I have enjoyed them but they ARE spendy!

                                                    2. re: rubysdad

                                                      I love the Konditor Meister cakes, and have taken them to parties up and down the east coast!

                                                    3. I'll throw out Babycakes cupcakes though I'm not a fan.

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                                                      1. re: C. Hamster

                                                        I think they have the best cupcakes I've eaten in greater boston. I drive 10 miles to get them!

                                                        1. re: aregularjoe

                                                          I dont think they use cake flour. The always have an unpleasant bready crumb to them.

                                                          Best cupcakes so far are at Georgetown on Newbury St.

                                                          1. re: C. Hamster

                                                            I guess i have to respectfully disagree. You can't beat their french toast cupcake. As for the rest, i would personally not describe them as "bready" in any way.

                                                            To each their own....

                                                            1. re: aregularjoe

                                                              They've always seemed mealy to me.

                                                              But I think you'll like those frenchy restaurants!

                                                      2. A new restaurant called Assembly has opened where Murphy's Twin Shamrock used to be.
                                                        Does anybody have info on it?

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                                                        1. re: pjr

                                                          "Used to be" ???

                                                          Didnt know the place closed. I liked the beer there while waiting for Pho takeout.

                                                          1. re: pjr

                                                            That's interesting. I live in the area and a friend who works in the industry told me it was going to be Shenanigans II. I've never been to Shenanigans so I didn't know what to expect. Like C. Hamster said below Murphy's was a reliable place to have a beer while waiting for a take out order from one of the many Asian places in the area. Let's hope that Assembly is a step up.

                                                              1. re: AndOne

                                                                They went before the Quincy Board of License Commissioners on July 17th as REMBI Inc. d/b/a/ Shenannign's .

                                                            1. WITHOUT A DOUBT - China Pearl at Kan Man Plaza

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                                                              1. re: davefoxdad

                                                                during one of the regular Dancehall/Soca events, for the Rum cocktails no doubt? unless theyve upgraded it from the somehat horrid buffet it used to be

                                                                1. re: ix9

                                                                  Buffet is gone (as far as I know) and now offers your standard is a quite decent dim sum, with the a few of those old buffet tables converted to serve the a la carte dim sum "specials". I would imagine dinner is your typical Chinese dinner menu.

                                                                  1. re: ix9

                                                                    that nasty International Buffet place is long gone. It's been China Pearl for years now. They have a very nice Dim Sum on weekends, and the regular menu is quite decent as well.

                                                                2. I just tried Taiyou in Kam Man, for a quick sushi lunch. It was quiet, the service was lovely, and the sushi very good. I enjoyed the bright clean ambiance, too. I will definitely go back again for more sushi, and to try the Shabu.