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Sep 19, 2012 11:03 AM

Uchi and Uchiko Restaurant Week

I have reservations for both restaurants during Restaurant Week. We have never been to either restaurant before and I'm curious for recommendations off the Restaurant Week menu. Also any recommendations of things we need to add on to the menu that we need to try. My sister will be dining with me and we are both open to trying new things. Thank you!

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  1. i dunno if it was a special or on the regular menu, but if foie gras nigiri is available i couldn't recommend it more highly.

    1. at Uchiko, I've enjoyed and recommend:

      ham & eggs
      tobacco cream
      fried milk
      sweet corn sorbet

      they always have interesting daily specials to choose from, too. always exciting eating there!

      i've had the jarjar duck and was not blown away, although it seems to get a lot of media attention.

      1. Here's the list I compiled from my post here before my first visit to Uchiko in January. I didn't order all of that, but we ordered 13 dishes between 4 of us and our waitress commented on how good our choices were for first timers.
        Hama Chili
        Maguro Sashimi
        Brussel Sprouts
        Chicken (karaage?)
        Pork Belly
        Jar Jar Duck
        Pork Cheek
        Sake Toro
        Corn Sorbet
        Shag Roll

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          What is their brussel sprouts preparation like?

          1. re: sweet100s

            Here is the recipe as published in last week's will need to scroll down to see the actual recipe.


        2. try going for the happy hours instead of restaurant week. you can try a ton of food for less $$

          1. I second the foie nigiri, karaage and hama chili but add the gyutoro nigiri – wagyu beef belly and hotate (scallop)