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Sep 19, 2012 10:53 AM

Bergen County dinner party, 15-20 people, separate room if possible

Hello everyone, I am looking for a restaurant in the Bergen County area (anywhere near Paramus, Ridgewood, Westwood, Oradell, Hillsdale, etc.) for a dinner party with around 15-20 people. BYO or not, doesn't matter. I can do either buffet or a pre-arranged menu, maybe with some choices (chicken, fish or beef, choice of appetizer, etc.).

I'd prefer a place with a separate room as we may have 20 people and we'd like to make a toast, short speech, etc.

My first thought was Bacari Grill, but both rooms are booked.

Any other ideas? Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. By the way, my original choice of Bacari Grill did not have to do with type of food, ethnic, etc. I know the place, they have a nice small room upstairs, good food, and they do a good job. I am open minded, but would prefer something with a nice, broad menu. I can't do Japanese, Chinese, or something limited. Thank you.

    1. The Iron Horse in Westwood has a room upstairs for 20 people.

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        Thanks. Was hoping for something nicer than the Iron Horse. I felt that before the fire, the place had slipped quite a bit. I've been there twice since the fire, really hoping that they had returned to their glory days. I used to really like the burgers there, but again, in recent years they just seemed to slip. Post-fire, on my two trips, it was "OK" but not like it was years ago. Not sure what has happened.

        I'd like to find something nicer, a bit closer to "continental" cuisine.

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          Cafe Panache in ramsey there front room

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            One of my favorite places. Just don't think it will work for this crowd. I need something a bit more "continental" so to speak. Thanks. Great idea, wrong crowd, LOL.

      2. The Riverside Manor at the border of Fair Lawn and Paterson is very nice. You can have your own room, if you like.

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          Thank you. I'll check it out. I am not familiar with the place.

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            We celebrated my husband's birthday at the Riverside Manor in March. We had a large room to ourselves, which is a big bonus when there are a bunch of young children involved. And we could set up our own dance music, speeches were held ( husband turned a big 70!!) and we all had a very good time. Food was fine too, you have a lot of choices which can be discussed beforehand. No problem!

        2. Locale in Closter has a small party room. I had a party there last year for 26, which was about the most the room could handle, so I am sure they would let you do a 15-20 person party in it. The room is very pretty, I just brought in some flowers for the table. The service there is excellent, and Vinnie is a terrific host.

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            Thanks. A couple of the people are from Closter and know the place.

          2. Woodstone Pizza Bar & Grill in Rochelle Park has a whole upstairs that is for private, and for about 15-20 people. They do their rates by menu (their dishes they serve as family style) or you can do a buffet. They used to be Roxanne's in Mahwah, but new ownership (same menu). I would check them out:

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              Thanks. So this place used to be Roxanne's new/second location? It didn't last and they sold the place? I like Roxanne's. Family style could work. I was thinking buffet or a choice menu where a pre-printed meny is given out and everyone gets a choice of an appetizer, salad, entree, etc. or something along those lines. Thanks again.

              1. re: ELA

                I'm not entirely sure what happened - it was Mama Roxy's when they first opened in 2010. And then next thing I know they are called Woodside Pizza & Grill - however the menu is exactly the same and I have not noticed a difference in the food since the name change. They also do buffets for a party - there are a lot of different options that they have.

                1. re: blueanxiety

                  Thank you. I'll check out the menu etc. Thanks again.