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Sep 19, 2012 10:18 AM

Unpasteurized/UV Treated Cider in the Twin Cities

I have seen threads in the past on where to track down some unpasteurized or UV treated cider in the Twin Cities - wondering if anyone has any leads for this year as I'm having a tough time tracking some down.

The best I have done is fine 50 oz. bottles of Hoch Orchards cider for $6.99 at Mississippi Market; which is great cider, but gets expensive when you're buying 5 gallons at a time (making hard cider).

I've used the cider from Trader Joe's in the past, but it's not the best and I haven't seen it out yet. I've also tried Pepin's, but I ended up with the tainted batch that was recalled last year and out about ~$60.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Call Sweetland Orchard to see when they will be making cider this year. They are only open on weekends, and it's about 40 miles from the cities, but they have really good pick your own apples, Spring Grove soda, donuts, and a cute little picnic basket with a small loaf of bread, a chunk of sheep's milk cheese, and a container of heirloom cherry tomatoes. I didn't get the picnic, but I thought it was a great idea.

    Anyway, they usually have really delicious unpasteurized cider, but they didn't have any yet last weekend.

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    1. re: Quince

      Thanks for the tip. Gave them a call and it sounds like they'll have cider in the coming weeks and $8 a gallon sounds pretty reasonable.

      Any other recommendations out there? One cannot have too much cider...

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        Most of the orchards I have visited do offer unpasteurized cider, looks for ones close to you and give em a call.

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        Ended up making the run down to Sweetland.

        They were very easy to work with as they take reservations for bigger orders of cider - $8/gallon and $10 for a reusable 5 gallon container if you don't have your own.

        I tasted the cider before fermentation and have to say it was very good, so very much looking forward to the hard cider that will result once done fermenting. As an aside, my yeast beasties seem to like this cider a lot, as it's been a very aggressive fermentation (original gravity was 1.053 for those interested).

        Thanks again for the recommendation.

      3. You could go on ebay and buy a cider press kit for $75 to $150 and build your own cider press and then buy apples and press them. You'd know for sure it was pure.

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          Ideally I would, but don't have the room in my loft... Some day.