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Sep 19, 2012 10:18 AM

NYE - Upper West Side

I will be in NYC at the end of December for a friends wedding and am looking for a nice dinner option for New Years Eve. Dont want to deal with all the crazy hoopla. Just hoping for a nice meal and champagne toast at midnight. ;) Might be easier said than done. Hoping that someone familiar with the area can offer some advice. We will be staying at the Empire Hotel on the Upper West Side. I was looking at Ma Peche or Marea (or perhaps Bolud Sud?) as options as they are within short walking distance. However, a local New Yorker suggested that we get out of the neighborhood for the night. To me, it makes more sense to stay within walking distance and not mess with the subway or cabs. HELP please????

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  1. Ma Peche, Marea, and Boulud Sud are all excellent though I'm not sure whether any of them will stay open until midnight on New Year's Eve.

    1. FWIW - if you want to have a nice dinner and not deal with crazy hoopla, crazy prices or very difficult rezzies... eat somewhere good at the early seating (Marea is really quite good, Maybe even Per Se..) and then take a bottle of champagne into Central Park near 72nd St and watch the fireworks and a bunch of idiots (including at least one Chowhounder) run 4 miles in the dark. It is sort of the Real NYer NYE, as opposed to the tourists in Times Sq.

      1. Picholine might be a good option. I've only had wonderful meals there.