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Sep 19, 2012 10:06 AM

Low/No Salt Potato Chips in Toronto

Looking for low salt, or preferably, no salt potato chips in Toronto. Anyone know where (which stores?) they can be found?

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  1. most major chains carry lays and old dutch low salt potato chips (light blue bag) i have come across Miss Vickis's no salt version in a tan and white coloured bag but i havent really noticed if they are still available or not.

    you could try ordering from utz's in the states they carry no salt chips.

    another place to try would be the Big Carrot or any health food store they should carry something in that range as well.

    Herr's makes a no salt version as well and i think no frills caries Herr's products.

    1. Even Lays makes a low sodium chip. It's available at most supermarkets.

      1. Kettle Chips have an unsalted version. I've seen them at Superstore and Loblaws, usually in the "health food" section.