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Publix coming to Charlotte

Its now official. Publix will enter the NC market with a store in south Charlotte, and more are on the way. I've heard so much about Publix, but never been in one of their stores. Will be interesting to see what the hype is all about, and how this impacts HT.


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  1. HT has better loss leaders on meat, I prefer the produce at Publix. Overall the stores are very similar

        1. If they bake Cuban bread at this location I'll make the drive!

          I think their every day prices are better than HT. But that's comparing a Fl Publix with a NC HT. Food generally seems less expensive in Fl. It will be interesting to see once they are here!

          1. Publix > Harris Teeter...hope they eventually come to the Triangle.

            1. Been shopping at Publix since 1969 or so. Seems to me that they have gradually gotten less competitive on pricing but overall still my favorite, with Super Target coming in second.

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                  Boy - give 'em a Trader Joe's and there's no stopping them!


                2. Their bakery breads, pies and cakes are better than a lot of independently-owned places. Their in-house "Publix Premium" brand is also of very high quality (a lot of Consumer Reports findings rate their various products as good or better than brand names). I also like their red meat department (ah, those vacation days in Florida grilling up boneless ribeye steaks bought at $5/pound at Publix). And their subs, especially the cuban and philly made with Boar's Head meats, are better than your Jimmy John's or Jersey Mike's.

                  For Charlotteans wanting a more immediate sampling of Publix, we have two stores about to open just across the state line within the next two months, one just off I-77 at Gold Hill Road in Tega Cay and the other in Indian Land at 521 and Dolby Bridge. Drove by the Indian Land site just the other day and the exterior of the building already looks complete, Publix lettering up, parking lot paved, etc.