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Sep 19, 2012 09:54 AM

Culver City/LAX and Seal Beach

I'm coming from out of town for a Jeopardy audition at the South End of Culver City. I'll be staying in Seal Beach. What solo-friendly places would you recommend in these neighborhoods? I'm hesitant to go to far from these areas, unless it's really worth it to hop over to West Hollywood or wherever..

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    1. Walts Wharf in Seal Beach is very casual and has good sea food. Great location not far from the pier.

      1. walt's wharf is pretty good, but i'm afraid it's a little tired these days. my best bets on seal beach main street are the abbey (really good selection of beers, really terrific neighborhood bar feel, good burgers and pizza), or beechwood bbq (pretty good barbecue, really great beer).

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          Have not been in a long time. Great bread.

        2. You could go to A-Frame and sit at the bar alone or sit with strangers at one of the communal tables. Btw, they now have all you can eat Krispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken for lunch during the weekends:

          1. In Seal Beach, don't miss Nick's for a breakfast burrito. The line can get long, so if you call ahead you will save yourself a lot of time.