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Sep 19, 2012 09:38 AM

Embracing all things pumpkin...

The availability of pumpkin lattes means its pumpkin season. I've decided to go on a pumpkin odyssey. I already love the pumpkin baos at the Golden Steamer, pumpkin gelato at Labratorio il Gelato and the pumpkin donuts at Doughnut Plant. In fact pumpkin desserts were covered by SENY last fall:
Any one agree/disagree want to add to those recs?

I'm also looking to try some Chinese pumpkin dishes. What's everyone's favorites?

I love Jamaican style pumpkin soup. Although the best Jamaican is probably found in the outerbouroghs, has anyone had good Jamaican pumpkin soup in Manhattan?

Any other pumpkin dishes worth a stop on the pumpkin odyssey of 2012?

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  1. Beef short ribs cooked in a pumpkin at Amazing 66 - must be ordered in advance, IIRC. Also, they use Japanese Pumpkin / Kabocha. (a softer-skinned American pumpkin wouldn't hold up as well to the long cooking process...) - I think the same dish is available (again, with pre-order) at a few Cantonese places. Check the menu at Danny Ng, as word is they've been quite good lately.

    There are pumpkin dishes at a number of Sichuan places (Old Sichuan, Grand Sichuan...)

    And since most of Chinatown is BYOB, bring along a few seasonal pumpkin beers, of course!

    Wild Ginger makes a really good Pumpkin Soup, as well.

    Hangawi, as well as their more casual sister restaurant Franchia, both make some excellent pumpkin dishes.