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Sep 19, 2012 09:34 AM

Antigua, Caribbean - Food & Dining Suggestions Please

I only found 1 recent post on Antigua and would appreciate any suggestions for:

•the best farmer's market to purchase local fruits and vegetables. Other than black pineapple, is there anything else unique or traditional we must try?
•the best spot to purchase "fresh caught fish" to prepare ourselves (preferably right from the fisherman, where Antiguans buy fish...vs at the supermarket)
•where we can find the best local dishes?
•the perfect Antiguan culinary experience...if you could dine anywhere on Island on anything...what would you have?
•which restaurants, food trucks or roadside stands must we try?
•best beach bars

Finally, is there an Antiguan food blog? I haven't found one w a Google search.


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  1. The Saturday Farmers Market on Saturday is tremendous. Go early before 10 AM to get the best selection. Walk around a bit before you select which vendor to shop from. You can haggle a little. Do not take photos unless you ask permission. Make sure you get some Coconut Water. It's cut fresh and is so good for your body: shock full of electrolytes. VERY early, you can buy fresh fish at the same market. Please do not buy Parrotfish. It's not sustainable..or Grouper..Mahi Mahi is good. The Antigua Black Pineapple is incredible. It's not cheap, expect to pay 5-10 per pineapple. Much of the other produce comes from Dominica. On one of my trips to Hawaii, I saw a pineapple garden display with pines from around the world. They had the Antigua Black Pineapple!

    I regret my blog is shut down as I closed my Antigua travel business after 23 years BUT can recommend for dining:

    Shirley Heights Lookout for Sunday BBQ and reggae- go around 5 PM / food nothing special but the experience is amazing
    Cloggy's for lunch in dockyard
    Chippy's Food Truck next Siboney Hotel/ Wed. 4-9 PM- fun place food ok
    La Bussola - Runaway Beach
    Cafe Bambula in St. Johns

    I would suggest you check out Antigua Nice's website for updates.

    Tony's Beach Bar on Dickenson Bay is great fun. I also like Bumpkins down south at Pidgeon Beach.

    Local eats to try: roti, saltfish and ducana, pepperpot, goat water and bread pudding. Drink lots of Ting. There are a few local food shops on Lord Nelson Alley and Lower Newgate St. in town.

    I have not been but see if Carmichaels is open. Where are you staying?