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Sep 19, 2012 09:04 AM

looking for a farmers market today

i'm looking at the list on and looks like there's one in Santa Monica (won't get there until 11:30am) and one in Los Feliz. I'm in Pasadena but need to find one today. Is the SM one worth going to later in the day like 12? or is everything sold out by then? don't know anything about the one in Los Feliz. Looking for plums and last of the strawberries for the season.

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  1. The largest grower-only Certified Farmers Market in Southern California, and a favorite for local chefs is Santa Monica. Their hours are 8:30am - 1:30pm Arizona Ave @ 2nd Street and have over 75 farmers. Will they be sold out of anything by noon? You never know.... but it's a great market.

    1. I'm probably too late to be helpful but if all you're looking for is strawberries and plums, I'd just go to the Los Feliz one as it's a lot closer to you and any farmer's market should have both of those. If you were looking to buy a broad category of produce, fish/seafood, & meats then it would be worth the drive to SM.

      1. You can try the Pasadena Weds Night FM - Corner of El Molino and Union from 3:30-7:00. Have not been myself, so cannot vouch for what they have.

        1. This is the LA Certified Farmers Markets website. It contains (what appears to be) complete list of LA -area farmers markets. If you click on the category at the top of a column, the list will re-sort that column -- so, for example, if you click on the heading of the "day" column, you won't have to scroll down through the whole list to see where there are markets on, say, Tuesdays.

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            ozhead, if you actually read my post i was on :) although to be technical i had a typo. i was just wondering if anyone knew details about these markets. i've travelled to some markets only to find one or two booths with halfway decent fruit and veggies (ahem, sierra madre). so we ended up doing the drive to SM. the traffic was awful as always but once we got there we were pretty pleased. although the amount of vendors makes it a bit overwhelming to figure out where to buy what but we came out with some nice stuff. here's a picture of some of the stuff we got.

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              Really cool golden raspberries there.

          2. There is the Malibu farmers market 10 to 3 in the malibu library parking lot 23555 civic center way.