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Sep 19, 2012 09:00 AM


I just wanted to mention that if you like pluots, there is a stand at the Sunday Mar Vista Farmer's market that has about 8 different varieties and they are all great.

There are yellow ones and purple ones and some with "dinosaur" in the name and softer ones and crunchy ones and damn they are good.

I don't know how to describe the stand except that it's on the west side of Grandview on the southern end of the Farmer's Market sort of next to the dude selling fresh eggs. The nice lady who runs it is local, because she mentioned she is on the Mar Vista community council. But I don't know the name of the farm.

She did mention that these are the last weeks for pluots -- some of the varieties might already be done for the season -- but if you go to this Farmer's Market anyway -- check them out. They are all a little different, but all really good.

3.50 per pound -- I spent 17 dollars last Sunday on a big bag that's almost all gone.

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  1. 3.50 per pound
    That is almost robbery. Even Tenerelli's stone fruits are only ~$2.00

    1. 2lbs for $3 at Sprouts. Held its own in a head to head taste test vs ones from Pasadena Farmer's market that my sister brought over the same weekend. Sweeter actually, but a little softer.

      1. Arnett's is name of the stand. The lady is Yvette. We've been shopping at that stand ever since we've moved into the area. Quality is consistently great. She is very nice and helpful. Talks to people about the different seasons for different fruit, warns when it's almost over and explains how to store as needed.

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          That's her.

          She let us know how to store the fruit, told us it might be the last week ... all that stuff. From this thread I've learned the prices might be a little high, but I appreciate the personal service and I like supporting a local grower.

          Heck, most of the stuff I buy at the Farmer's Market is cheaper at the store, including eggs and hommus. I just like buying stuff from the person who made it or grew it or took it from the hen.

          1. re: PaulF

            Re: Cost, <shrug> I don't find their prices out of line with other farmer's markets. Certainly not the Culver City one nor the Santa Monica ones. I absolutely adore stone fruit and in general will eat at least 3-4 pieces of fruit a day all year round. The variety and quality I get at Arnett's is worth it to me.

            Possibly I might save a few dollars overall if I tried going to the supermarket. But we walk to the farmer's market every Sunday, I get a wide variety to munch on all week and whatever money I might save shopping at a supermarket or driving to another farmer's market would easily be eaten by gas and the hassle of making a trip and possibility of not finding as wide of a variety and high of a quality.

            I'm a pretty frugal shopper in all aspects of my life but I also look at the overall picture of time and opportunity costs.

            1. re: Jase

              Didn't compare apples to pluots, FM to SM.

              Tenerelli is at SaMo and Hollywood FM, and is well regarded. None of my local FM organic fruit stands are over $2.25/lb right now, and when Tenerelli's feeling generous, they drop down to $1.75/lb.

              Arnett's Farm is actually at the FM closest to me. They're typically priced $2.50/lb.

              Bracketing out opportunity cost, $3.50/lb for in-season stone fruit is outrageous, are are the basket of Harry's berries at $6. It may be only $1, but it's a 40% increase for the exact same product. Granted, Santa Monica and Mar Vista markets probably take a higher % so I suppose that's the cost of living West of 405.

              1. re: TonyC

                ?? To quote myself:: whatever money I might save shopping at a supermarket or driving to another farmer's market would easily be eaten by gas and the hassle of making a trip and possibility of not finding as wide of a variety and high of a quality

                I was trying to be generous using the higher price disparity, quality choice and longer distance of a supermarket to show that even with that difference it wasn't worth it to me.

                Fine, Le'ts compare farmer's market and same quality of Tennerelli's, which to me makes the argument even worse. There is no Tenerelli's in the Mar Vista one and Arnett's prices seem comparable to other Westside ones I had visited in the past. I haven't been to the Saturday Santa Monica one in a few months so can't compare the most recent but I do see Arnett's at the Wed one in July and their prices were the same as Mar Vista's and they were doing a brisk business. I presume people were comparison shopping .

                On average we buy five pounds. The $3.50 is a bit of an outlier as most of the stone fruit we get is in the $2.50 range. But let's keep the higher price and use your $2.25 price point and my $3.50 outlier even though I wouldn't be paying that for the entire haul. That's a $1.25 pound difference, x 5lbs is $6.25

                Is $6.25 worth me getting into the car, driving to Hollywood or other Sunday Santa Monica FM's compared to local Mar Vista? Not even by a long shot. It doesn't replace the pleasant ritual my wife and I have of walking to the market every Sun, it's a 2 mile round trip walk, we get our exercise, we catch up and enjoy each other's company, we don't deal with parking and we stroll the market chit chatting with neighborhood friends we've made over the years from visiting the market and seeing in walking.

                When Tenerelli's has a stand at the Mar Vista one, then I'll compare prices and quality and buy from them as warranted. Until then $6.25 isn't worth me climbing into the car, fighting traffic, finding parking, paying for the gas and forgoing all the pleasures I get from going to Mar Vista on Sundays.

                And that's using the $3.50 outlier price for one product. At $2.50 a pound and $.25 difference the price difference is negligible.

              2. re: Jase

                We've been buying the Flavor King pluots from Arnett for the last 3 weeks or so. Absolutely delicious. The peaches and nectarines have been hit and miss for the past few weeks. This is our go to stand for all stone fruits. The figs have also been great the past few weeks. Yvette is great and very helpful.

                FYI - the pluots are priced at $2.75 on Saturday at the Irvine Farmers Market. Cost of living in LA is even starting to hit the farmers markets.

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