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Sep 19, 2012 08:48 AM

Best cooking method for dry (or should I call it "lean") fish?

No, I don't want to end up with dried out fish!

I have a lot of California halibut in my freezer and I'm wondering what would be the best possible cooking method. It is a lot "drier" than Alaskan halibut. Advice I've gotten from locals here include chowder (for which I'd have to find a non-dairy version), or grilling thin pieces after dipping them in a mayo-based sauce.

I was thinking of poaching, steaming or baking in parchment. Any other suggestions? I do have fish stock that I made from the bones.

I also like my fish a little underdone so that might help as well (although DH does not). There were some little worms in the fish but I think the freezing should take care of those. (I tried to attache a picture of the fish, not sure if it worked or not.)

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  1. Sous-vide is another way to prevent drying.

    1. how about a fish tajine, it's basically just a braise.

      1. my vote is for en papillote or foil

        freezing will do in the worms if cold enough,long enough