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Sep 19, 2012 07:47 AM

Local good eats on Kauai

good morning.
going to Kapaa on Sunday for one week. I was stationed in Pearl Harbor long ago, so this will be first trip back since 1979. I remember a market in Aiea that sold seafood but also poke, laulau, mana mana pua(steamed soft buns filled with sweet or savory), char sui pork...... Is there a market like this in Kapaa area? What can i expect to find at the farmer's markets? Which grocery store will have local produce and fish? Best plate lunch? I like to cook and one of our party is a pro chef we want to cook as well as dine. would it be worthwhile to pack my rod and reel for shore fishing?
Thanks in advance for your help and comments.

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  1. we had some great poke and plate lunch at pono market right in kapaa. it's just a little tiny place . i think foodland has pretty good poke too.

    i had one of those buns at hamura saimin in lihue...known for saimin and pie but it was really good
    sorry i can't helpf with other

    1. and there's another really good thread a couple days ago called yummy eats on kauai with really good info on it

      1. Kapaa has three supermarkets that appear to cater to both locals and to tourists wanting to cook: Safeway, Foodland and K.T. Big Way (or something close to that). The three are all pretty close together so you can check out the offerings at all three without too much trouble. I was surprised that there are no supermarkets in Lihue any more -- but there is a COSTCO with pretty good local offerings and the Saturday morning farmers market at the Kauai Community College in Lihue is really good.

        1. you can get manapua at hamura's but its not like the char siu kind you'd get at chun wah kam for example in oahu. its really good and has pork and somevegetables in it ..BUT they only have them certain days of the week and they sell out REALLY fast. someone makes them for hamuras so it can be kind of confusing. anyways you might want to call in advance to reserve or to see if they have them that day. even if they have them on that day, they might sell yeah..confusing!

          you can get standard char siu manapua at 7-11 or menehune food mart in lawai.

          other than pono market in kapaa, you can get good local grinds at koloa fish market, ishihara's in waimea or the BEST poke at ara's in hanamaulu. i know they aren't in kapaa but if you happen to travel around the island, i think these are your best bets!

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            Ara's take out place in Hanamaulu is my favorite ahi poke as well. Ara and Debbie make it fresh several times daily. Everyone's for poke is slightly different...I love Aras. If you dont want to leave Kapaa, Pono Market has the freshest/best poke in Kapaa.

            The Farmers Market is in Kapaa on Wednesday afternoons. It starts at there at 230 to scout out what you want..the good stuff goes quickly.

          2. Hamura Saimin in Lihue is excellent dive and the best lilikoi pie too.