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Sep 19, 2012 07:32 AM

Boca BBQ Express

Anyone know anything about this place?

First I've heard of it, just now, in a "group offers" email for today.

Boca BBQ Express

"Boca BBQ Express coats meats and napkins in South Florida with its six tangy homemade barbecue sauces. Pork ribs and smoked brisket drip with chipotle-citrus and tropical-pineapple sauce that complement sides such as braised collard greens or signature sweet-potato tater tots. Boca BBQ Express offers event catering, in addition to their curbside pickup and delivery services."

Looks like it's just off Lyons Road, N of Sawgrass and S of Hillsboro.

The Sauces

House BBQ

Chipotle Citrus BBQ

Tropical Pineapple BBQ

White Horse BBQ

Southern Carolina Yellow Mustard BBQ

Kansas City Bourbon BBQ

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  1. They are in Coconut Creek and not Boca, so I wonder why they chose that name. Express and BBQ are basically antonyms of each other. It's a bit too far for me to drive from Yamato for lunch. Surprisingly, they are very close to Rock N Roll Ribs, which is not a good idea.

    The sauces look interesting.

    1. Have you seen the BBQ truck on 441 South Of Sandlefoot? Its beenthere on weekends only. Havent had a chance to try it out yet though...