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Sep 19, 2012 07:14 AM

vegetarian bacon substitue?

Loved the reco's for sausage! Looking for a substitute for bacon. Mostly for use in BLTs, salad, pasta carbonara... something salty and crispy. Prefer to make it myself, versus buying something with a lot of preservatives.

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  1. Tempeh bacon perhaps? I do not have a tried-and-true recipe for this, since I am lazy and buy the Tofurkey tempeh bacon (which I like very much!) but here's one that looks yummy:

    Also keep meaning to getting around to trying the PPK eggplant bacon, that might be awesome in your carbonara:

    Now I crave vegan bacon!!

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      I really like that eggplant bacon recipe. It's very addictive.

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        That eggplant bacon recipe is very intriguing. I'm not a big fan of eggplant, but that recipe looks so simple and worth a try for sure.

      2. I had toasted coconut slices on a "BLT" at this place called Phoney Baloney's. It was pretty amazingly baconlike, and had a slight coconutty touch. It was great!

        1. Fakin' bacon is great, and really doesn't have anything weird in it. You can make your own tempeh or tofu bacon at home with a simple marinade (or by smoking it in a wok). The recipes I've seen usually have soy sauce, nutritional yeast, salt and black pepper, maybe some toasted sesame oil, and liquid smoke if you're not going to actually smoke it (go easy on this - you really don't need much to impart the smokey flavor). I've had some delicious house-smoked tofu "bacon" from a restaurant here in LA.

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            I had a limited pantry and made pretty good tempeh bacon for dinner the other nite... tempeh sliced thin, marinated in soy sauce, molasses, and some adobo paste (but not chipotle). I pan fried until crisp.

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              Sounds simple! Definitely have to try this. Weekend is coming up ... brunch!

          2. I've made a great eggplant bacon recipe (in the dehydrator). It doesn't taste like bacon but it was definitely crispy and salty (moreso if you use full-sodium tamari). I don't find tempeh bacon to be remotely close to bacon, either, unfortunately.

            I have seen other recipes for bean-based cutlets, too, as well as ones with flaked coconut. I've had the coconut bacon at a resto and it was fabulous. A few recipes for it (Aux Vivres knock-off) float around the web.


            1. Thanks for the tips! I'll be trying the tempeh and eggplant recipes soon (but don't have a dehydrator for what blinknoodle suggested). I haven't seen it in the Tofurkey brand in my closest grocery stores in Toronto, but I'll keep looking, or check out Whole Foods or Noah's. Also, anyone know where I can buy liquid smoke? Which section of the grocery store, or do I have to go somewhere "special" for it?

              Thanks again!

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                At my local grocery store (you shouldn't have to go anywhere special for it), liquid smoke is in with the barbeque sauces, usually in a little bottle on the top shelf. Check the label - i found some brands have unnecessary ingredients like carmel color. I use Wrights and its only ingredients are: water and natural hickory smoke concentrate.

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                  Thanks for the tips and the brand recommendation!