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Sep 19, 2012 06:37 AM

Good eats in walking distance to pantages theater

Any recommendations appreciated.

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    1. re: Servorg

      The wonderful "OFF VINE" I believe is within walking distance.

      1. re: Bruce Kerr

        Hungry Cat would be my first choice, especially after a matinee performance. A great bloody mary, oysters, perhaps another dish. All good after Book of Mormon.

        1. re: maudies5

          Just walked with friends to Hungry Cat after Sunday matinee yesterday. Perfect block and a half or so down Vine Street. I guess it's their happy hour menu at that time but it was perfect--we had salads and lobster roll. My first time there (almost never go to Hollywood). You might want to make a reservation just to be safe.

        2. re: Bruce Kerr

          I would agree. It's an old house at 6263 Leland Way, about a block South of Sunset Blvd and about 300 feet East of Vine. Leland Way is a tiny street. If you blink, you'll miss it. Off Vine is an old house made into a restaurant. You can dine outside on the porch or inside. They offer seafood, burgers, salads, pasta and even Vegan dishes. It's within walking distance to The Pantages and other Hollywood theaters and attractions. They do take reservations also. Their website is: if you want further info and have a look at their menu.

      2. Off Vine and Hungry Cat are both good choices.

        1. Went to Cleo last week (in the Redbury) before the Pantages. Had heard good things...and read lots of positive reviews here. It was excellent. Good cocktails, too. I parked there, and walked to the theater. (a block?) Then picked up the car afterwards, but there was a long line. My friends had a drink upstairs at the bar and waited for the crowd to think out. Probably wise.

          1. Big fan of wood & vine. They're runninng a pre-theatre pre-fixe at $25 for 4 courses.

            Then post-theatre, they have $8 cocktails starting 10pm.

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            1. re: TonyC

              Tried Wood & Vine yesterday b/f heading off to the Pantages. Patio was all booked up, but we nabbed 2 spots at the bar (around 6:30PM or so). My partner and I really enjoyed it. Dark, warm decor, and it was nice to be in an eatery that doesn't crank the music to uncomfortably loud levels!

              We had the heirloom tomato salad (w/ burrata), the biscuits, BBQ pork sliders, and the peach cobber. The portion size there is relatively small, but the food is quite filling. Thought the salad was delicious (sort of hard to go wrong w/ those ingredients), and the balsamic reduction was really wonderful. Biscuits were light and fluffy and served w/ honey butter (yum). The sliders were good but were a bit too reminiscent in flavor and texture of pastrami (my partner agreed); I was hoping for more of a pulled pork. Peach cobber was good, but I felt that it had too much cinnamon/nutmeg (my partner disagreed and devoured it).

              Total (tax, 2 beers, and the food itself) was $64. Not cheap, but I think a respectable value given the quality of the food. We'd happily go back again....