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Sep 19, 2012 05:32 AM

Recommendation for roast beef

I'm looking to make cold roast beef sandwiches ,any suggestions ? Thanks

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  1. Take two slices of bread. Smear them with mustard (optional). Put beef onto one slice. Top with other piece. eat

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    1. re: Harters

      OOPS!!!! My mistake I neglected to mention What cut of beef roast ? sorry 'bout that

      1. re: scunge

        I like prime rib and short rib, but striploin is good too. Have had round but felt that was a bit dry.

        1. re: scunge

          I'd make them with whatever we'd had as a roast.

          I find some of the cuts that might have made, say, a great pot roast are a bit dry for sandwiches if they're just sliced. I adopt the classic solution and turn them into potted beef, using soem of the liquid to moisten it all up. I've been known to do this to leftover stew if there didnt look enough to make it worth freezing for another meal.

        2. re: Harters

          Horseradish cream as an alternative to mustard. Make sure it's good bread.

        3. I'll be honest, I've been around here for a pretty long time and I've been cooking for at least three times that long. Consequently, I've got a great deal of knowledge when it comes to preparing proteins of all sorts. Nonetheless, Professor fourunder is the Dean of the School of Cooking Beef. Try this link to a bunch of posts the old fella has made over the years and follow his advice when it comes to cuts, temperature, and timing:

          1. I don't think the cut is so very important.Understanding the cut and degree of done you want is.
            Not knowing number of sandwiches or how often,some tips below.
            STAND TIME and CHILL TIME are paramount for success.Know where and how to slice.How thick,what angle to the grain while slicing is a close second.You don't want a bite of sandwich to be a taffy pull.

            That said,lecture over.....We do not EVER have conventional US lunch meat in this house.I know and loath toooooooooo much about the largely secretive wide use of "meat glue" for the so called ham and roast beef etc exiting facilities with dubious sanitation.So all meat in the 15 to 40 lunch pails that leave here every week are house roasted turkey,chicken,pork or ham and beef.

            Lean cuts,little waste,BEEF ROUND top or bottom only wins when the person slicing is patient and attentive.LOIN or SIRLOIN are easier for the slicer and costlier.
            Tender,more waste,trim and $...... RIB EYE and FILET easy to slice and stack.

            If this a one time try sort of thing.My first recommendation would be a WHOLE FILET,even in bag.If you are slicing for COLD sandwiches it's as easy to trim after cooking as before.
            If this is a long term exercise for savings at lunch or (?),EYE OF THE ROUND is with practice the way to go.

            First choice here is SIRLOIN ,whole,roasted fat cap up on a rack.

            1. When it's for sandwiches, I always use top round, which is what delis (used to) use. Lots of salt on top with whatever other flavors you prefer, and cook to rare. Slice paper thin.

              1. eye of round is probably the best combination of price v. flavor and texture. you get nice lean even cuts that are great for sandwiches.

                if I were Mitt Romney or something. . . . then the whole tenderloin.