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Sep 19, 2012 04:25 AM

Restaurant near Barclay Center, Bklyn?

We will be going to a concert at the Carclay Center in Brooklyn. We've never been there before and welcome restaurant recommendations. Not necessarily looking for the hightest price place, but a place with good food...italian, middle eastern, seafood, american...anything goes except asian food, please. What's your favorite place in that area? TIA!

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    1. there are a big range of places in that area - which is closer to the 5th Ave strip of Park Slope restaraurants than the Fort Greene standbys often recommended for BAM. most of the places are fairly small (this is not at all a mass market area) so better to reserve. Convivium, upscale is excellent - others range from El viejo Yayo (simple family hispanic place), Alchemy (gastropub), Bogota (what it sounds like), MIriams (sort of Israeli) and many more of varying quality as you proceed south on 5th Ave from Flatbush - moving up Flatbush, there are places like Bark, 67 Burger, Va Beh, Franny's etc - there are a number of new entrants we have not tried yet as well as standard burrito, indian and thai joints.. Taro and Geido are both good Japanese. cubana Cafe at 6th Ave and St. Marks is quite good as is Kaz an Nou referenced on attached thread. Kulushkat and Chic Pea felafel are both near but neither really have much space to sit. there are yet more restaurants on Vanerbilt Ave in Prospect Hts and on Dekalb in Fort Greene. I think it remains to be seen what develops specifically catering to the thousands of center patrons or whether our local restaurants all get overwhelmed.

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