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Moving to San Antonio

My husband and I are about to move to San Antonio. We are going to need to find new places to eat, I would love some suggestions. We love all types of food, so anything is welcome.


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  1. What part of town are you moving to? It's a big area, hard to come up with suggestions without something to narrow it down.

    1. And where are you moving from? What sort of dining are you accustomed to and what are you hoping to find?

      1. Read all the San Antonio posts, they have covered everything, from chefs to Tex Mex. There is not much of a changing scene here (unlike San Francisco or New York, say).

        1. Great points made by all the replies so far. Good news is that nothing here is really inconveniently far by Dallas or Houston standards. You can even do the BBQ pilgrimage,hill country wine trail, or lunch in Austin as a day trip. We're definitely weighted heavily (excuse the awful pun) towards tex-mex (1,113 locations is today's count per urbanspoon) but you should find something here to satisfy any palate. Welcome to SA!

          1. Not to mention that the Gulf coast and excellent seafood is just a quick jaunt away. And, although I'm probably the only one still going, it's only a couple of hours to the border. I don't go to Del Rio or Laredo anymore, but I've never had any trouble at Progreso. And I go there several times a year for the food, shopping, and mi dentista, Dr. Portillo.

            As I said, I don't know where you're coming from, but I've lived a lot of places, and I mean a whole lot of places and, for my money anyway, Central Texas is a damn fine place to be.

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              We've been to Nuevo Progresso numerous times without a problem. Go to Arturo's for original Tex Mex nachos, fried speckled trout, and killer premium margaritas for less than two bucks. Ask for Joaquin.


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                Yes Jaymes Central Texas is awesome. I urge the original poster Vmkleck to get out and explore the Hill Country, go beyond Austin, and hit west Texas, specifically Big Bend National Park, and south to the coast as you said. Texas has so much to offer.

              2. Thank you for the replies. We are moving from Southern California, to around the Castle Hill area of San Antonio. We are pretty much looking for every type of dining out there. I myself have never been there, so we are going to need to find all new restaurants to visit.

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                  OK, near to you:
                  Dough Pizzeria- amazing Neopolitan Pizza

                  Several good restaurants at the Pearl Brewery Complex:
                  Il Sogno and Sandbar, both owned by Andrew Weissman
                  Nao, Latin food a@ The Culinary Institute, fun guest chef series
                  La Gloria- upscale Mexican street food

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                    Gaujillos is great. Pam's Patio Kitchen, Zorba's and Garibaldi's are all good, too. Mamacita Jean's is a regular spot for us for weekend breakfast - I have to qualify that recommendation by saying that the service can be slow and some of the menu items are better than others - but the staff is awesome and it's one of those places that we just love to go. My favorite breakfast taco is sausage and potato - with jimmy dean type sausage vs bbq link or chorizo . .and Mamacita Jean's has those plus delicious hot green salsa.

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                      Best chinese food in San Antonio (Sichuan) is right on the northern edge of Castle Hills. Totally nondescript place in midlle of a strip center, but food is great!!


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                        Totally agree about Sichuan Cuisine and they deliver!

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                          Thirds on Sichuan. I lived in NYC for a while, and was a regular at the Chinatown in Flushing, and this is as close as I've found in Texas.

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                            I still want to try this place.Don't know if I will this weekend, but maybe next weekend. I live over on the other side of town, out by RandolphAFB, so don't get over to that side of town very often.

                    2. No one has mentioned the fabulous food at Il Song Garden...Korean food at its best...near Loop 410 and Blanco Rd. +2 for Guajillos and Sichuan Cuisine. I don't live in SA, but come down often from the Hill Country to feast at the super restaurants there. For a really grand, up-scale meal, hop in your car and try Sustenio at the Eilan Hotel near La Cantera. Stephen Pyles' team is doing fine work there. Enjoy SA and eat out often!! Another tip....get savorsa.com on your computer. Bonnie Walker and John Griffin keep us filled in on the food events in SA. It's a treasure for us food loving folks.

                      1. Mi Tierra in the Mexican market off DT/SA; vg migas for breakfast; margaritas and mariachis for dinner.
                        Blowout seafood; VG! Oceanaire/Rivercenter Mall

                        Austin: Threadgill's for lunch: chicken fried steak
                        Guero's Taco Bar; funky little old place on South Congress; tequila and simple tex mex.
                        Nice dinner: Fonda San Miguel
                        BBQ: Franklin or JMueller

                        Drive out to Fredericksburg (1 hr): The Nest, VG!! and in spring, summer, stop and buy some fresh peaches at one of the orchard stands.

                        1. PS! If you decide to accept the suggestion of several posters and drive down to the gulf, snag a place out on Padre Island or in Port Angeles; lotsa good fish places; go to Snoopy's on SPID (South Padre Island Drive) (it's between Corpus Christi and Padre near Flower Bluff), order a mess of amberjack or shrimp or whatever, grab a cold beer, sit on the porch, put your feet up...watch the seagulls.

                          1. The Tip Top Cafe is a great classic diner type place. Best griddled burger I've ever had.