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Sep 18, 2012 09:35 PM

Mission: $200 for two, special occasion, vegetarian.

My good friend is getting married and I'm giving the foodie couple a $200 gift certificate to a restaurant to celebrate their first anniversary. They're vegetarian and I'd prefer that they can cover the entire bill with the certificate, including 1 glass of wine, tax and tip. At worst just the food & drink.

I'm looking for a place that offers great (vegetarian) food, but equally great service and ambiance - a place for a special occasion. Vegetarian tasting menus are a plus!

Having done some extensive research on this board and abroad, I've narrowed my options down to the list below. They all offer a vegetarian tasting menu, but I'm unsure about the price point of Cafe Boulud and Del Posto. I'm also unsure of the atmosphere at Dovetail and Devi, if it feels special enough. Out of these, I've only been to Del Posto and am leaning in that direction.

Can anyone weigh in? Thanks in advance.

Cafe Boulud
Del Posto

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  1. Kajitsu will be the best vegetarian meal one can get, IMHO. Also,Brushstroke has a vegetarian tasting menu and it is a nice place with good food.

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      Kajitsu, incredible, vegetarian is all they do and they do it very well.

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        +1 for Kajitsu. i've called it my favorite restaurant in New York and i'm far from a vegetarian.

    2. Del Posto has the best atmosphere and food among your choices but I don't think that $200 will be enough for two diners.

      The vegetarian selections at Cafe Boulud are quite good but the room is a bit modest.

      Have you considered Lincoln? It's a stunning space with delicious vegetarian options and wonderful service. The restaurant is currently offering a $60 prix fixe where you can choose any three courses from the a la carte menu. With a glass of wine, tax and tip, the bill for two would be about $200.

      1. Del Posto would be $250 just for the food, before drinks, tax and tip would even be included. They could do lunch there for $200, but not dinner.

        Kajitsu is a great choice, with the caveat that I haven't been since the new chef took over recently, but I assume they're still keeping the quality level high.

        Devi - also consider Tulsi - would be excellent choices for high-end Indian.

        Cafe B is great, though they could easily break the $200 barrier - also, there might only be one vegetarian option per course, which could be kind of boring for them. Could say the same for Dovetail, although I think Dovetail still does "Meatless Mondays" with a more extensive veggie menu were they to go on that day.

        Scarpetta has a full veggie menu in addition to the normal menu, and not just pastas but well-thought-out entrees. They can be pricey, but the veggie options tend to be cheaper.

        Also consider Dirt Candy - fun, playful, veggie cuisine that even carnivores love. It's not romantic in ambience, more "cool East Village" - but the food is fantastic.

        1. For what it"s worth:
          Dirt Candy or
          Hangawi both come highly recommended by our Vegan daughter. Both reasonable.

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            +1 for Hangawi as well. Can't believe I forgot them.

            1. re: sgordon

              Hangawi is excellent food but is it special enough?