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Sep 18, 2012 09:27 PM

Where to have brunch, close to Reunion?


My friend and I will be in Dallas next weekend after seeing the Rangers game next Saturday - and am wondering if anyone has recommendations for brunch on Sunday? We also want to visit the Historic district (is that the correct term) and we are staying at the Hyatt at the Reunion.

Tentatively we have a reservation @ Wolfgang Puck 360 - is it worth it? I have read some reviews that it takes forever to get your meal, which probably would not work for us since we need to be back in Austin by evening. I checked 'Smoke' but no reservations for parties under 6 so I am wondering if it will be hard to get a table or if the wait will be long?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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  1. Everyone loves Smoke for Sunday brunch but, also consider Hattie's (low country Southern) in the Bishops Arts district of Oak Cliff and La Duni Latin Cafe in Dallas on McKinney Ave.
    My personal (and, everyone else's it seems) favorite is Toulouse (French bistro style) on Knox Street.

    And, I wouldn't discount The Grape for brunch. A little bit further than downtown but, easy to drive to. Great Food!

    Wolfgamg Puck's 360 is very interesting. The food can be very good and the views are terrific.
    And be careful with the drinks. It's still a 3-3/4 (boring) hour drive to Austin!

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      Thanks for the info. Do you think it is worth it to go to 360? Also, with respect to Toulouse, do you happen to know if, for Sunday brunch, if I can only order from the brunch menu, or also the lunch menu? Makes me wish I was staying longer in Dallas, since Toulouse's menu looks really good!

      If my friend and I cancel the 360 reservation, we can go to Toulouse instead, or somewhere else.

      1. re: Lucky Basil

        I don't know what to tell you. The food at 360 is excellent and, it's quite an experience!

        And yes, you can order off the regular lunch menu at Toulouse if you decide to go there. Plus, if it's a nice day, you'll need to reserve early at Toulouse so you can sit outside on the (covered) street patio. You don't want to get stuck inside.

    2. Wrt Smoke and reservations, they have a few tables they leave open, so if you get there as they open, one of those should be yours. There's also a bar--not sure if they serve food at it or if you're willing to eat at the bar, but most places do ... I'm sure they would tell you if you called.

      I like the idea of The Grape. They got Texas Monthly's Best Burger nod ... it is very very good, and only served on the weekends. Other good stuff too ...

      The covered open air seating at Toulouse is a very nice feature. Not sure if you're a shopper, but it's a great shopping street. Also right there is Highland Park Pharmacy and its original soda fountain, which is great. You could potentially hit both ... and they will automatically offer to put what's left of your chocolate malt (all their shakes are plenty big enough for 2) in a to go cup to carry with you as you wander around. I particularly like Froggie's and Tadpole's next door (fantastic place to buy Christmas presents if you have any children in your life).