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Sep 18, 2012 07:37 PM

Rehoboth Beach Delaware--Long Weekend

Hello foodies! First time in Rehoboth this weekend, from NYC; looking for foodie recommendations. Interested in pubs/casual to fine dining suggestions.

Thank you!

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  1. Not cheap, but Blue Moon was phenomenal when we went last year. This year, we had a new 2 month old addition so we didn't feel comfortable going. I highly recommend. Get fish dishes- only thing that was forgettable was the lamb sausage appetizer. Everything else was great.

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      From NYC? Boy are you going to be disappointed. We were just down there for a few days and only decent meal we had was at the Back Porch in Rehoboth. Other than that I would try the Buttery in Lewes. We did not go to Blue Moon this trip and in the past have had some very good meals and then some that were ok. Good luck, I hope you like pizza.

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        So where were the less-than-decent meals you had? Rehoboth/Lewes/Dewey/Bethany is widely considered to be one of the best beach areas for food on the East Coast. You might not have chosen well. We spend a week down there every year, and rarely have more than one bad meal.

        I don't think many people expect the food in any beach town to be as good as the food in NYC.

    2. Lunch - Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats
      Dinner - Henlopen City Oyster House

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        The fudge and ice cream at Kilwin's is very good.

      2. Not what you requested, but I would not miss Gelato Gal on rt 1. Every single flavor we've had has been a winner.

        Also, Touch of Italy just off the boardwalk makes fantastic subs. I am partial to the #18. The main character there is a trip, and a really nice guy too.

        1. Too late but Nage', Stingray, Blue Moon, Zebra in Rehobeth, Defibo's and blue Coast in Bethany and Striper Bites in Lewes are all excellent.

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          1. re: dining with doc

            Hello everyone! A bit delayed but just wanted to report back on our dining experiences in Rehoboth. Overall, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed every meal! Nage was a favorite, with a very inventive menu and our meals were executed to perfection. Oyster House was also delicious, as was our dinner at the Shorebreak Lodge (exra points for creative menu). Highly recommend both. We enjoyed good beer and oysters at Happy Hour at Fin's. Looking forward to our return! Thanks for the suggestions.

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              If you enjoyed Nage, next time around try their former Exec Chef Hari Cameron's new restaurant A(muse) downtown on Baltimore Ave. Excellent, locally sourced ingredients and some very impressive preparations.

              Shorebreak is another new favorite of ours. I'd never seen a tuna collar on a menu as an app before, but we tried it when there last month and were very impressed with this large prehistoric looking dish. You're right about the creativity. Order the strangest sounding thing on the menu, and you'll be glad you did.

              We were also pretty happy with lunch at FishOn near the boardwalk. Very serviceable fish and chips, and black and tan onion rings finished with Guinness.

          2. Bump! It's Summer 2015 - any comments on these places?

            most seem to still exist --- and if there's a particular spot for fried clams, love me some fried clams.

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              Hi! Was recently in Rehoboth and had fantastic meals at Shorebreak and Oyster House yet again! Also had great Mexican at the restaurant on Rehoboth Ave right across from the post office but I can not recall the name. Fantastic margaritas and authentic Mexican. Enjoy!

              1. re: jmol11

                That would be Dos Locos. Great Mexican, indeed.

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                    Eden is American, Espuma is Mediterranean. Both among the best in Rehoboth. Jay Caputo, Espuma's chef/owner, has twice been a James Beard semifinalist in a chef category.

                    Another very good place is (a)Muse, also owned by a Beard semifinalist chef, Hari Cameron.

                    You might enjoy browsing for more information and ideas.

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                A new one for me this summer: Salt Air in Rehoboth. I particularly recommend the jalapeno deviled eggs and the shrimp and grits. The latter is the lightest (in a good way) itineration I've had on that dish, and perfectly done.

                Excellent cocktails too, and they leave the shakers on the table, so you really get two drinks for the price of one.

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                  For fried clams, Matt's Fish Camp on Route 1 just north of Bethany Beach.