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Sep 18, 2012 06:15 PM

Recs for 34th Bday

I'm a *former* "foodie" (and I only say former because I can't afford to eat out much anymore). I have been out of the restaurant scene for a while and I have no idea what is delicious and fun anymore. My bday is coming up, and it'll be the one time we go out without the baby so I want to make it memorable.

My guidelines:
- location: preferably downtown, Village/ W. Vill/ Soho is preferable but willing to travel further downtown.
- price: without drinks, I'd very much like to stay under $100.
- ambiance: don't need quiet and/or stodgy and don't need loud and/or trendy. Anything in between.
- cuisine: I love all food, from the molecular gastronomic to the old school Italian. Sorry I can't narrow it down any more.

Should I just go with Minetta Tavern since it's close?

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    1. $100 per person? Before tax, tip, as well as before drinks?

      Minetta is pretty loud. Do you already have a reservation?

      1. Perla? Empellon? The Dutch?