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Sep 18, 2012 05:05 PM

Any Uzbek/ Tajik/ Kirghiz restaurants around LA?

I miss the stuffed breads and plov at the Uzbekh restaurant that once graced Hollywood - does anybody know any restaurants serving Central Asian food anywhere near LA? Someone told me that there was a Russian restaurant in the valley that sometimes makes Uzbekh food as specials, but they couldn't remember the name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. they might have been talking about euroasia. going there is on my to do list. shurpa and plov sound good!

    1. Supposedly this place has some Uzbek food items such as "samsa" for sale. I haven't been so don't know what the real story is. If you do end up going please post about what you find so we can all benefit from your hounding.

      Another place in the Valley that is Russian but supposedly owned by a couple from Uzbekistan, is - and again, I have not been here so this is all FYI only.

      Finally, in the same vein of FYI this restaurant is also supposedly heavy on the Uzbek food.

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        I went to Talisman several years ago. There were no other customers and several employees were SMOKING at a table near the entrance.

        I was hungry, so I ate there anyway. The food was OK, but I never returned.

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          Thank you! I went to Talisman a few years ago and had very good seafood and slow but friendly service - I didn't know they serve Uzbek food, and now I must go back. I hadn't heard of Euroasia - another lead to try out.

        2. A friend who knows Uzbek food went to Talisman last night and had a good meal; as I had heard, some Uzbek dishes are available but not listed on the menu. He was told by a server that Talisman and Euroasia are owned by the same people, but Euroasia has more Uzbek selections. I'm going to try to get there sometime soon and will post here.

          1. Update: EuroAsia in Encino has an Uzbek chef, and we had an excellent all-Uzbek meal there at a reasonable price. Bonus: Rasputin Market is across the courtyard, and they are the best and cleanest Russian/Eastern European grocery I have found in LA. They smoke their own fish and have an excellent cheese selection. Unfortunately the black rye bread is not as flavorful as the real thing, but it's not bad. Worth a trip.

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                We had a set menu for a dinner with the Culinary Historians of Southern California - two salads, achikchuk (tomato and onion) and Tashkent (white radish and beef with yogurt), with shurpa soup (beef and vegetables with dill) to follow. Then came somsa (uzbek somosa), khanum (pasta coiled around meat and vegetables, then steamed) a chicken kebab over pullao, and tea. We didn't have any of their lamb dishes, which I intend to get next time.
                Service and English fluency of the staff were both good, and the restaurant is nicely decorated. Music was loud at first, but they turned it down when requested. .