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Sep 18, 2012 04:29 PM

Chow PopUP - make it stop!

3 times in the last hour I got this popup:

Inviting more cooks to the kitchen.

Add your opinion to the mix with this short, confidential survey and you could win $500.* Would you like to join us in the kitchen?

Once clicked on "not now"
Once I just closed it.
This time I left the forum I was reading.

And yes I'm logged in and yes I accept cookies.

Firefox 12.0 Windows 7

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  1. Disable pop ups in your browser and remember AdBlock is your friend?

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    1. re: Quine

      Pop ups are disabled and whenever I turn on AdBlock it disables too much. This is an issue Chowhound should deal with.

      1. re: jackiecat

        AdBlock is customized blocking. The user sets what they want blocked for each page/site. That is how I have been using it for years. YMMV.

        1. re: Quine

          Thanks Quine,

          I've never bothered figuring out how to use it with Chowhound. I don't mind a few ads, but this popup thing might annoy me enough to to turn Adblock on.

    2. Hello jackiecat, I checked with the CBS Interactive research team about the survey you saw. Their response:

      "Because our survey system is a behavioral tracking system, which is tied to a cookied Anonymous ID, theoretically if someone cleared their cookies recently and then visited the site, there is a very small chance that our backup method of identification may not pick up their identity prior to them hitting a page with an offer attached (and having them fall into the survey sample segment ). We have not seen this feedback before in any other offer. Based on the logic built into this system and my experience trafficking these units, this case appears to be an exception, not a symptom of a breakdown in the underlying system."

      Can you tell me if you did clear your cookies? If not, it does sound like an error and something I can continue to report to this team, especially if it is experienced by others.

      Thanks, Meredith

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      1. re: mudaba

        Hi Meredith,
        I didn't clear my cookies and I'm seeing one of those popups right now!

      2. Still happening at least twice per visit. I finally took the survey saying I was 8 yrs old. Still getting popups. I just answered the survey again, either lying or giving the least helpful answers. Hope CHOW appreciates the data. (yes I'm getting pissed!). If someone wants to work with me on this I know how to access the contents of my cookies.

          1. re: jackiecat

            I have gotten this pop-up survey multiple times also (at least 2 dozen times so far). I have not cleared cookies and am always logged in to Chow. I am using IE9 with all updates.

          2. Thanks all. It seems like we may have identified the problem, and the survey has been removed until it gets fixed. Thanks for your patience, and for alerting us to the problems.

            Dave MP

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            1. re: Dave MP

              Wow! Whatever you did is also making the site load much faster for me. Thanks

              oops, spoke too soon, still getting time outs, but thanks for the popup removal.