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Recommendations for Portsmouth? [moved from Boston board]

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LStaff, I'll be visiting Portsmouth next month. Any good food recs from breakfast all the way to dinner? We prefer casual, and will likely enjoy one special meal.

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  1. thound, i know you didn't ask me,but in case this might be helpful:
    The Friendly Toast is a funky retro ephemera filled spot with a wild and crazy menu of casual food ; it opens early and closes late.

    Black Trumpet is my fav dinner restnt between Boston and Portland ME. BT is both a neighborhood gem and a destination dining spot for foodies,and has an adventurous chef/owner with a love of local, seasonal, and seafood, with culinary influences strong in Mediterranean, Spanish and French. It is housed in a 19th c. ship'd chandlery, all dark candlelit brick walls and exposed beams, and its bar is well known for craft cocktails. BT is both grazing and full meal- friendly; the menu is divided into small, medium and large plates.

    The Green Monkey is a warm and friendly dinner bistro spot for very good International foods and a good bar program. While in Portsmouth, make sure to stop at When Pigs Fly Breads, a store for the extremely popular Maine bakery that specializes in dense classic and artisanal breads with a large variety of unusual flavors like Potato, Roasted Garlic and Onion; ; Sauerkraut Rye; Chocolate; Blueberry & Raspberry w/Lemonade; Olive and Sundried Tomato, etc.

    1. The Golden Egg is good for Breakfast http://www.goldeneggrestaurant.com/

      1. Street 360 (I'm not sure if that's the formal name) is a funky, casual place with "international street food" about a 3-minute drive from downtown Portsmouth. Website: http://streetfood360.com/
        Had the cemita with fried chicken, which was incredible, and my two kids enjoyed their hot dogs. If I lived closer, I'd be there every day.

        On the second floor of the Atrezzi wine store, there's a small chocolate counter with some decent handmade chocolates sold by the pound. I liked the variety of sea salt caramels but wasn't too thrilled with the homemade peppermint patties, which I found to be waxy and a weird texture.

        For higher-end chocolates that are amazing, there's Byrne and Carlson (http://www.byrneandcarlson.com/), right near Prescott Park.

        Enjoy your trip! Portsmouth is one of my favorite towns, and I miss living close to it dearly.

        1. Martingale Wharf Club just opened at 99 Bow Street. They have a casual menu and the view is fantastic. http://www.martingalewharf.com/

          1. We just went to Moxy for the first time a few days ago. Really enjoyed the food, wonderful modern tapas style riffs on new england flavors.

            1. Love love love the Kitchen - Michael and Matt, chefs and co-owners, make incredible sandwiches, salads, homemade pickles, and also cater events large and small. They just did my son's wedding reception for 250 - an inventive burger bar with excellent side salads. They are also open for dinner some nights...very talented crew and kitchen!