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Sep 18, 2012 03:09 PM

Good Hong Kong Style (white) fried rice near Northridge...

Hey all. We're looking for what I suppose would be called Hong Kong style fried rice by our place in Northridge/Porter Ranch. It's the fairly simple, but oh so good, white variety- very fresh, usually with few extra ingredients. In the big East Coast cities (and I'm sure here in Downtown) it's pretty easy to get, but, as you know, standard brown-type fried rice seems to proliferate everywhere else.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Try A&W on Reseda and Prairie. Never heard it called Hong Kong style fried rice, but they don't douse their rice in soy sauce like other places.

    1. Don't know about white versus brown rice, but you can try the Pagoda Restaurant, in the same strip mall that has Whole Foods, on Rinaldi and Tampa. Same stuff as A&W, but better, in my opinion.

      1. You can always ask the staff to cook fried rice with fresh white rice and no soy sauce. Any kitchen should be able to accommodate that request without any problem. If they can't, then the cook should be digging ditches instead of cooking.