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Sep 18, 2012 02:16 PM

Soup Specialist The Boiling Way Opens in Rowland Heights

A new restaurant called The Boiling Way (wonder where they came up with a name like that) has opened up in the food court at 18457 Colima Road, taking over both the Tea Eggs and Classy Cafe spots. The Boiling Way focuses on mini hot pots and soup. Most of the items on the menu posted on the wall are soup, and not the types of soup we're used to seeing. Rather, it's stuff like sour vegetable soup (with or without fish), pig stomach soup, Mongolian lamb soup, lamb flat noodle soup, and "USDA Beef soup" (really). The feature is their $6.99 hot pot, Given there are no burners at the table in the food court, you get a small plastic colander and fill it with uncooked ingredients, then pass it back over the counter for them to cook. Also $1 lamb and beef skewers are available.

I am happily surprised that this food court has bounced back after the primary tenant with the three-fer takeout lunch specials closed down after a dozen years.

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