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Sep 18, 2012 01:56 PM

Deep Creek crabs?

Will be in Deep Creek MD for a few days in mid-Nov. It's still crab season, right? I know it's a ways from Ches Bay, but hoping there is a crab shack type place (bucket of crabs + hammer) in the area. Willing to drive (~30 mins).


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  1. Hen House, which i think is old Rt 40 outside of Frostburg, has hardshells. That should be within 30mins. Not sure there is anywhere at the lake.

    1. There is a new place at the lake, but I can't recall the name...Sorry!, but I can tell you where it is. Across the street from the Honi Honi Bar and Uno's. Look up by the theatres, and you will see it.

      Good luck!