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Sep 18, 2012 12:51 PM

Anniversary Dinner [Westchester County]

Looking to go out somewhere "different" for our anniversary dinner.. Tired of the same places in Westchester in general. Would anyone have an idea of someplace that not Italian, Chinese or French?
I am hopeing there's a new place somewhere that perhaps I am not aware of?

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  1. What are the places you usually go and want to avoid?

    1. Perhaps iron horse grill in pleasantville.Very nice for a special occasion.A bit more interesting than most places in westchester. Here is the link( I hope).

      1. We love X20, and have had a few anniversary dinners there.

        Pretty place, nice service, GREAT food.

        1. I second the Iron Horse, and I'll throw in North in Armonk, and Mima in Irvington (I know you said no Italian, but it's not meatballs and red sauce Italian). And just over the border, Polpo in Greenwich (oops, again with the Italian) is lovely for a special occasion.

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            Thanks for some of the hints! I know many of these place....I also should have mention not too expensive. I go alot to X20 for brunch....Also I meant no Italian but not in a bad way....We enjoy eating food from other countries and there's such a lack of that, imo, in Westchester. Has anyone tried Eithopian in MT Kisco? Not for an anni dinner but I had it once in my life and enjoyed it....Or Shiraz, if its still open?

            1. re: byramgirl

              Mima looks nice...A great idea....Wine and tapas...And more
              I didn't think of North and Iron Horse grill but it might be a little above budget for this year :-(

              1. re: paris1976

                How about Zitoune in Mamaroneck? It's definitely something different, food is great, good service, a bit swanky-romantic decor.

            2. What about MP Taverna (Greek) in Irvington. Might not fit the "not too expensive" bill though