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Sep 18, 2012 12:43 PM

Need a recipe that uses Muffets cereal

I have a box of Muffets at my house, that a houseguest left behind. I dont really like them, so want to find a recipe to use them up. Any suggestions?

Muffets are made by Quaker Oats, and are basically a whole wheat, no sugar cereal.


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  1. Muffets are Canadian Quaker Oats Shredded Wheat - in a cylindrical shape. I used to prefer those over the American 'pillow' shape. Barbaras sells that shape in the US.

    I haven't cooked with them, but I think there are recipes using crushed shredded wheat (possibly as a breading). I'd suggest a search on that phrase, rather than Muffets.

    (use cooks.com recipes at your own risk


    There's a baklava like pastry that looks like it is made with shredded wheat, though I suspect the real stuff is made with shredded filo dough. But here's one from Cooks.com that uses the cereal biscuits.


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      Thanks for the clarification. I misread the title as "muppets" and was rolling on the ground.

    2. That Kanafa recipe paulj posted looks promising, although I think I'd like the nut filling to be sticky with some of that syrup.

      Wondering if you could crush them up, mix with sugar, maybe melted butter, definitely melted chocolate and press into a buttered pie plate to form a crust. Then fill with fruit, pudding, whipped cream, mousse, maybe even ice cream.

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        Ah, no better way to reform a no-sugar cereal than with sugar, butter, melted chocolate, whipped cream, mousse and ice cream! My kinda health food.

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          I didn't mean all at the same time!

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          Yes, crushed dry cereals can be used like a graham cracker crust. Just use unsweetened dry cereal mixed with melted butter and your choice of herb/spice/and/or/grated cheese as a crust for quiche or other savory pie. The filling will soak into the crust but egg in the filling will make the crust cohesive so it slices and serves neatly.

        3. I use the leftover crushed up stuff on the bottom of a bag of shredded mini wheats in pancake batter, or oatmeal cookies. Or in banana bread, just crush up your cereal and have fun experimenting! :)

          1. I have found you can use almost any cereal (not chocolate or fruity) as part of zucchini muffins. Along with eggs, flour, less sugar than usual, nuts, raisins etc it helps to make an interesting texture.

            1. You can use them instead of bread crumbs in meatloaf or meatballs.

              Make a squash (or other veggie) gratin or tian, and use the wheat crushed with some herbs, butter, etc. as a topping

              I've done Peach Cardamom Bran Muffins with bran flakes, and I'm pretty sure the Muffets would substitute in well for the bran flakes.

              Or make Wheat Sugar Bark / Pumk ;) (trying to give it a natural sounding name in the midst of what i'm about to suggest) make some caramel on the stovetop, dissolving sugar in water, and allowing it to color. add cream, then butter. chill out for a second. then pour over a sheet tray lined with parchment and allow to harden and solidify. optionally add more add-ins like nuts or chocolate before pouring the sugar solution over. break brittle into pieces