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Sep 18, 2012 12:03 PM

Where to dine on Sundays and Mondays?

I made a rookie mistake.

My fiance and I have settled on spending one leg of our honeymoon in Paris. That's all fair and good but I made the rookie mistake of booking it over the weekend. That means we're there over a Sunday and Monday... which seem to be culinary wastelands.

I have some respectable bookings for Friday and Saturday but I'm really struggling to find any restaurants, let alone excellent ones, open on the last two days.

Any recommendations?

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  1. I'm a fan of both Saturne and Septime, both open Mondays (but closed on the weekends).

    1. What do you mean by "excellent" ? It's very difficult to recommend any of the many restaurants open on Sunday and/or Monday if we don't know your tastes, preferences, style, and budget.

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        I'm not particularly snobbish when it comes to the tier of restaurant. If the food is good I'll eat anywhere from a pedestrian market to a 3 star establishment. Each tier has its own charms and values - granted there is big difference in the expectations when it comes to the food, as there is an equally different expectation when it comes to the bill.

        That being said I'm not too fazed about the budget I'm just looking for great food experiences that are open on these particularly difficult days.

      2. You might consider the Auberge Flora; open 7/7. Dinner has a tapas menu as well as regular menu. We had a very pleasant lunch there yesterday. I had 3 small, tapas style dishes, one of which was some excellent Iberian ham, whereas Ms. L. had a cold tomato, basil, burrata soup followed by poulet de Landes fermier with olives, mushrooms and chanterelles. The desserts were quite good, a raspberry chocolate tarte and a version of Peach Melba, The place is very casual with an interesting decor of sky blue walls adorned with plates and silverware. Flora is an accomplished chef and it seems she has gone back to her simpler cuisine as at Les Olivades rather than her more precious "little old lady cuisine" at her George V location. The one downside to us was the noise level when it is busy...hard surfaces everywhere to amplify the noise. The good side was that she was doing the cooking when we were there; you could see her at work through the pass through and she came out after the lunch service to chat.

        1. One of my most fun and reliable spots is open on Mondays, Chez Denise in the old Les Halles area. Also agree with Saturne, more formal but excellent.

          1. New so not much here on these but check the blogs for:

            Minimes on Sundays and

            Au Passage (new chef) on Mondays

            Oh and Atao for Sunday lunch.