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Sep 18, 2012 11:46 AM

Bazaar - Been Lately

Have not been for over a year. Taking out of town guests for dinner in the BH area. Want it to be a fun vibe and good food. Did Red Medicine last time. Thinking Bazaar or Dan Tanas or Sotto. Thoughts?

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  1. Bazaar is a show but you'll either spend a ton of money or leave hungry. If you want molecular, how'd-he-do-that cooking - Ink. does similar stuff but in larger portions. I love their carrot preparation, and they recently revamped their cocktail menu - it's great. (Plus Voltaggio is usually always in the open kitchen, if that interests your guests at all).

    Sotto is excellent - grilled bread with burrata is to die for, and the pizzas are delicious, but it's definitely more casual - by that I mean more neighborhoody, less showy - than Red Medicine and Bazaar.

    My go-to for out of towners is Animal. Then Ink, then Sotto, then Picca (upstairs from Sotto) - but Bazaar's bill will be huge and the vibe is a little snootier... depends what you're looking for.

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      Agree ink is coming into its own - I thought it shakey at first but have been more and more impressed with time.

      Mezze is worth considering. Love Sotto, Playa, Son of a Gun, Hatfield's and animal, too.

      I guess you can eat well at lots of places but the real question is what do you (and your guests") believe to be a "fun vibe." I used to think Dan Tana's was but I find it pretty silly nowadays, or I ma just over it...I did see Ricky Gervais there last week, FWIW.

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        Love Mezze, but already going this week.

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          When is your out of town guest dinner? Apparently the new Spago is taking reservations for October - nothing is more quintessential BH than that... and I loved the food at the old Spago despite the cheesy space... the new one should be even better.

          Otherwise if you can get a rez at Son of a Gun the vibe is really fun - and less sparse than the setting at Animal. I prefer Animal's food but Son of a Gun is still very good.

          1. re: unagithefish

            Next week. Look forward to the new Spago. Loved it when it was on the hill. Much cooler. As I recall, Animal and Sun of a Gun do not have full bars, so they are automatically disqualified.

    2. I've been to Bazaar three times in the last 14 months or so and each time, I have left hungry. That said, the food is amazing but it's tiny and concentrated. As long as you know that going in, you'll be fine. It's a scene and the "beautiful" people of LA go there.

      Sotto is currently my favorite place although I need to abstain a bit because all that homemade bread and lardo and burrata is making me fat. LOL.

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        Totally agree that portions are small @ Bazaar... I love going there... but I like to hang out at Bar Centro, have some amazing Molecular (expensive) drinks and some snacks to soak up the alcohol... and maybe later move on to the Patisserie... Fun Evening!

        Also love ink. love M. Voltaggio, and the service is always excellent! but its more dinner vibe... as opposed to Bar Centro which is more of a place to see and be seen...

      2. Went a couple months ago, guest enjoyed it. Frankly I was bored, menu has not evolved since it opened.

        1. according to AL Retea, Jose Andres will be in town starting Saturday - Wednesday. I think (emphasis on THINK) that means he'll be at Bazaar.

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            I'd also recommend trying to do your Rezzys through Saam, the private room at Bazaar, while Senor Andres is here.