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Feb 25, 2005 04:33 PM

Churrascos in San Diego?

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Looking for a Brazillian Churrascos in the San Diego area, preferably downtown. Any recommendations?

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  1. I believe you mean Churrascaria - the only one in Downtown is Rei Do Gado. It's ok - not as good as those in LA, and kind of pricey - but it's fun if you've never been to one. Fun with a group.


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      Kinds of pricey? You're not kidding. Greenfield's is $24 for dinner. This place is $10 more.

      1. re: RUBulldog

        And Greenfields is much better and has a better variety.

    2. Rei De Gado is the best I've been to (and I live down the street from greenfields) - Its on 4th near the corner at Broadway (accross the street from Horton Plaza). There's another one Inside Horton Plaza but it's not worth the price (even with a coupon from the parking garage)

      1. Wow, talk about a late reply :). But I guess I might as well chip in since this thread has been resurrected.

        The place inside Horton Plaza is called Samba Grill and I actually think that the quality is pretty comparable to Rei De Gado. The 2 for 1 coupon is pretty nice as well, although even with it the meal is still rather pricey. The guy that runs it and most of the staff are from Brazil which adds to the authenticity. I heard Rei De Gado was actually owned by Koreans (although the food there was good the one time I went).

        1. I wanted to say something about my Samba Grill Experience and I'd rather continue an existing topic than starting a new thread - it keeps the boards clean.
          Besides - What I said is still applicable to the original question, right?

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            I was just kidding about the late reply, I'm not really trying to give you a hard time :).