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Sep 18, 2012 10:13 AM

River Cottage Books

I was thinking of purchasing one or two of them.
Which ones do u suggest? Are they any good?

In USA or at least in Florida I don't think they r very popular

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  1. I really like the Preserves book. It's organized by season, and though there are many things that aren't common here, I have made quite a few jams from it. Can't tell you anything about the others though.

    1. The "River Cottage Meat" book is a must for anyone interested in cooking, erm, meat.

      And there's a lot of very good straighforward recipes in "River Cottage Every Day". It's in regular use in this household.

      1. I second "River Cottage Meat". I do not have "River Cottage Every Day" yet but it is on my Amazon list.

        1. I have the River Cottage Cook Book and River Cottage Every Day.
          The River Cottage Cook Book also works as a reference book as well as just recipes and is quite interesting just to read. Not cooked from it though.
          Everyday looks more practical to cook from and I have tried 2 of the recipes.

          I wouldn't listen to me though I have about 30 cook books none of which I bought myself and I generally don't use them.

          1. River Cottage (the first) and River Cottage Meat are both wonderful. I use the others less. I wish they broadcast the episodes in the US.