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Sep 18, 2012 09:48 AM

ordering spices

I just got into ordering spices instead of using all grocery store spices. For those who are veterans out there in ordering spices what and where are some of your favorite spices to order..For example, for me I like to get aleppo pepper, basic herbs like basil and oregano, and 4s seasoned salt from Penzeys, smoked tellicherry, applewood salt, and truffle salt from Spice and Tea Exchange, and Back of the Yard garlic pepper from the Spice House.

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  1. I order from both Penzy's and u can order sample sizes from both
    savory spice though doesn't pkg sample sizes in glass jars
    Sometimes I also order from they have all sorts of good things-evvoo,grains,mustard,olives,vinegar, etc

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      Savory spice has great prices! I think I'm going to have to try some things from there!

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        savory spice shop also give packet of spice of the week

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          Awesome! Is that like a freebie with your order, or is it like an occasional promotion deal?

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              how exciting! I admit that when I shop with penzeys one of the most exciting parts is wondering what the freebie will be. Unfortunately, that's how I end up with 3 or 4 sandwich sprinkles. I think I'm about to place my first order. I've been eyeing rhe roasted garlic and honey powder.

      2. Be sure to get on Penzey's paper catalog mailing list because they'll frequently have coupons for free small jars of new or heavily promoted products with other purchase. And get on Spice House's e-mail list because that's how you hear about the free shipping promotions they'll have a few times a year. (Important because their shipping charges seem to run twice what Penzey's charges.)

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          1. Penzey's, but they charge a lot for shipping so I usually place a large order with a couple friends.

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              Penzey's now has free shipping on orders over $30

            2. We are so very lucky. They just opened a Penzey's about 2 miles from my house! I love that place! And the cost is so much less than the stupid markets!