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Sep 18, 2012 09:41 AM

Weekend in KC

So my GF and I will be spending a weekend in KC and I am looking for some advice on what to do. This is mostly a BBQ trip so that is definitely the focus, should get there around 6pm friday and will leave sunday afternoon. Been looking around here and also found this blog to make some decisions. Right now I am thinking...

Oklahoma Joe's
Jack Stack

I don't know how much room I will have for anything else but am specifically interested in any must try bakeries or ice cream parlors. Also anything to see/do, I plan to visit the City Market, and also check out Christopher Elbow Chocolates. Haus has caught my attention and hopefully I have some room to fit a sausage in one night late. Any other good bars to check out with decent snack food?

I will be staying at the Comfort Inn in Shawnee, I imagine navigating KC should be similar to the Twin Cities?

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  1. Christopher Elbow Chocolates is cool. They also own an Ice Cream place called Glace near the Plaza.
    OK Joes for sure. Jack Stack I love. Brobecks I have heard good things about. Gates, not so much.
    DDD did a KC special with some real good more unknown spots also if you can find it online.

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      I would replace Gates with Arthur Bryants.

      A bit old school but I am a fan of Andre's Patisserie on the Plaza. Swiss bakery, and not a bad place for a quick lunch. Good truffles as well.

    2. I would 2nd swapping out Gates. Bryants or Woodyard (merriam, ks) . Woodyard is a neat place to check out that your GF might enjoy, you can sit outside, etc. Bryants is just Bryants, you just have to do it. I've not been impressed iwth Brobecks, but maybe that's just me. Must try ice cream - Murray's in Westport and Glace south of the Plaza - MUSTS!

      1. Be sure to check hours of operations. A lot of places aren't open on Sunday.

        I agree to replace Gate's with Bryant's.

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        1. re: chileheadmike

          Yeah, far as I can tell its pretty much Jack Stack and Gates open Sunday. And most close by 9 or so.

          If it comes down to one, Murray's or Glace?

          how's Fervere? thinking of grabbing a loaf to eat w/ leftovers at the hotel.

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            Frevere is great, I highly recommend it.

            I have an anti-sweet tooth and very rarely eat ice cream. Sorry, can't help you there.

            1. re: getgot211

              Do NOT miss Fervere - go early, they sell out fast on the weekend. And the difference between Murray's and Glace - Murray's is really good homemade ice cream, Glace is higher end gelato - crazy, rich flavors. Depends on what you want.

          2. Oklahoma Joes and Arthur Bryants are the ONLY MUST go's for BBQ in KC...there are a bunch of lesser joints, but these are the two that you simply HAVE to go to.

            I really don't understand the love on this board for Brobeck' is a dismal place in a shoddy shopping center and has very pedestrial even compare it to Bryants and Okie Joe's is ridiculous.

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            1. re: scottkreamer

              Bryant's is living by reputation alone. The staff is surly, the room is dirty, and the food is inconsistent.

              1. re: scottkreamer

                Been to all three(Olathe for OJs) multiple times. and prefer Brobeck's ribs. Bryants I have been to enough now and there are so many places to try. OJs was just ok because I felt like it each time it was oversmoked and I couldn't get the smoke off my hands for 2 days but I need to try the gas station location. It just goes to show-everybody likes something different.

                1. re: scottkreamer

                  We're just going to have to disagree then. I think Brobeck's has the best ribs in town. Their tender without falling off the bone, fairly lean, good smoke flavor without going overboard and they're very consistent. I honestly don't think there's better anywhere.

                  If you want ambiance go to Jack's Stack.

                2. We had about 24 hours in KC last weekend and did not eat any BBQ this time. We got into town and headed for Story Restaurant. We were looking on their website and they have a great happy hour deal. Their bar menu is half price Tuesday-Friday from 4:30 to 6:30 in the bar or on the patio. We were a little under dressed but they treated us well and we sat on the patio. We each had a salad(Ceasar and roasted beet), entree(fried chicken and hambuger) and split the cheese course for dessert. We will definitely go back for the full menu. It wasn't crowded until about 6:15 the place suddenly filled up. The next morning after a" tide me over" breakfast of hotel eggs and biscuits we headed for the River Market. We bought a few things to take home including some bread pudding from Bloom which was about $8 for a small pie pan (I didn't ask the price before I bought it.) but was pretty good. We had a grilled spedini sandwich from the outdoor grill. Our last destination was for ice cream. I usually do not get too excited over ice cream but Glace has changed that. We each ordered a " large" and you can put three flavors in it. The spiced chocolate with a little hot pepper among other things was so good but the goat cheese cherry was my favorite. They will let you sample a few before you decide. Thanks FOTD for that suggestion.

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                    Thanks for the report back - I have wanted to try Story and this is a good reminder to me to go. Love, love, love Glace - salted pretzel with chocolate sauce. Yum.