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Sep 18, 2012 09:19 AM

Sew Hungry - Free Hamilton Food Truck event - (September 21 - this Friday, 11am-3pm)

For anyone living/working in the west end of GTA or people who are on a holiday on Friday :)

I haven't been to this particular event in the past but it sounds like they have had really good turn out before. I am going to try to make my way out there for lunch on Friday.

A lot of food trucks and local restaurants participating,


11am to 3pm
As an added bonus, no admission fee!

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  1. Bump reminder that this is happening today.

    I am heading off there shortly and I will report back for future reference :)

    1. This was a great event. I didn't take too many pics but the food in this pic is from a newish food truck called "Dirty South" . Was pretty tasty.

      A lot of trucks, well set up. Wasn't "too" busy either (I was there from 11:15ish to 12:30 ish.). Supposedly there were 14,000 people that went!

      I also tried some food from some local restaurants including the mexican spot on the street and it was pretty good.

      A few pics:


      1. 2015 Version is happening today.