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Sep 18, 2012 08:06 AM

Help! Can I sub evoo for veg oil in cake?

I'm in the middle of making some cupcakes and I've realised I've run out of vegetable oil. It's pouring rain and I don't want to walk to the store. Can I substitute evoo?

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  1. Yes. There may be a flavor change depending on how fruity your evol is.

    1. I would not recommend it. Cake batter usually calls for a neutral oil. If you are using evoo, you will get a distinct olive oil taste in your cupcakes.

      1. I'd be inclined to use butter before EVOO.

        1. They will have a taste of olive oil, not that that's a bad thing....I use it in my zucchini muffins.

          1. Evoo IS vegetable oil.

            Of course you can use it. It's just a matter of taste.

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              Since there were so many conflicting answers I left it until hubby drove me to the store.

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                There are many different oils and fats available. The main differences are flavor, fat content/type and smoke point. Different fats offer different qualities, especially in pastries. Hence the discussion of lard vs butter vs shortening for pie crusts and biscuits. Recipes will specify the type tested for. You can substitute and have a perfectly edible (and delicious) product but flavor may vary from the recipe developers intent. Here is a link which is a good intro to oils and offers substitution :


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                  Best answer here meatn3. And Cooks Thesaurus is one of my very favorite websites when it comes to food.