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Sep 18, 2012 07:37 AM

Urraca Resto Lounge

I'm thinking of having a group dinner here. Has anyone been to this relatively new spot? If so, how does it compare to Guu, Hapa and other izakayas? I know a direct comparison may not be possible given this is Korean, not Japanese, fare.

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  1. I can't recommend Urraca. My wife and I were there a couple of weeks ago and split about 4 dishes; I think two of them were decent (a fried chicken dish and a free pancake starter), one wasn't great and the tuna dish was bad. The tuna wasn't off or anything but it was overly seasoned w/ a Montreal steak spice and balsamic vinegar type dressing which tasted strange and turned the color grey. Service was the worst part - totally non-existent in spite of the fact that there were two waitresses and maybe 15 customers.

    No sense comparing it to Guu or Hapa - it's not in the same league in either ambience, food or service. If you're looking for something in the area, we've enjoyed Tsuki Izakaya on more than one occasion. The service can be a tad slow but it's generally well-intentioned and the food is excellent.

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      Thanks, Ben. Your review was the deciding factor after reading some other mediocre reviews online. I've now decided to move my party to Hapa as I'm interested to see how it compares to Guu, at which I've dined many times.

      1. I tried Urraca last night. It's more of a lounge than a restaurant, but I found the food to be decent. I'd certainly rather eat here than at most of the chain restaurants operating near Yonge & Sheppard.

        Around 7:45, maybe 3 tables were full, but by 10, every table was full. Our servers were somewhat green, but courteous and well-intentioned.

        The portions were on the generous side, much larger than I expected for tapas, and closer to meal size. Each table was given a gratis jalapeno pancake, and a spread that came with saltine crackers.

        My friend and I ordered the Korean beef tacos (8 bite-sized tacos per order), the Kimchi fries ( I haven't tried the Banh Mi version, so I can't compare), the spicy rice patty dish with seafood and cheese (which we wouldn't reorder-not sure why they thought cheese would add to this), the bi bim bap ($15, which included 2 fried eggs, and was around the same size as most bibimbaps I've ordered elsewhere), and the funnel cake topped with ice cream, orange segments, peach slices and powdered sugar (generous dessert at $7).

        Many of fusion dishes seemed to contain cheese. I don't really like the concept of adding cheese to Korean food. If the restaurant reads this thread, hopefully, they'll consider removing the cheese.

        Very reasonably priced, considering the amount of food that was delivered. Usually tapas in Toronto means small portions at high prices- not at this place. Our 4 tapas would have been enough for 4 people. If all the tapas are as generous as the ones we ordered, 3 tapas is probably plenty for most tables of 2. Our 4 tapas, funnel cake and 2 pops came to $58, including tax.

        While I agree that this place isn't in the same league as Guu or Hapa, I don't think it's trying to be in that league. One of the owners came by our table a couple times, to ask how we liked our meal. He was very friendly, and I thought it was a nice touch.

        This is a casual lounge for mostly 20something clientele to go out for drinks and a bite to eat. I thought this place was fine for sharing a reasonably-priced food and drinks near Yonge & Finch, in a lounge. It gets louder as the night progresses, and was very loud by the time we left around 10 pm. I'm guessing it got louder after we left.

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          I live next door to this place and the thought to try it has never crossed my mind. Your review has inspired me to give it a whirl.

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            I hope you find it to be ok, trane.

            While I think restaurants like Mot Na Son and Sariwon serve better quality Korean food at a similar price point, this place is a decent choice for drinks and share plates in a casual lounge. Some items are hit and miss, but I did enjoy those tacos.