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What's the oldest thing in your fridge?

Digging in the back of the fridge this weekend and I came across a container of Fage yogurt. Expiration date was May '04. 8+ years. I wondered how the cultures were getting along in there. Amazing part is that I've moved twice since May '04 so that means I've packed the little bugger up in a cooler and lugged it with me and put it into the new fridge. I think I will leave it in there as a memento to something. Maybe a new life form will eventually evolve in it. How old is the oldest thing in your fridge?

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      LOL, I have some old fish sauce too, but it's the mudfish kind where it's basically ground fish packed in a jar with salt (mam loc?). Can never tell if it's bad or not because the odor is so horrendous!

      But it still tastes good in plea.

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        I have a large bottle of Nuoc Mam, purchased in the early to mid 90s.

        1. re: BeefeaterRocks

          I too have a bottle of Nuoc mam purchased in the 90s.. I still use it occasionally You really don't need much

      2. Hmmmmm....probably some green curry paste left behind by a former roomie who moved away four years ago, and it was already in his fridge when I moved in there five years ago.....:o

        1. Several varieties of miso circa '05. The stuff lasts forever so no worries!

          1. A piece of mojama that's probably starting its second decade now. I grate it onto a specific risotto recipe I make occasionally.

            Have some miso that going on 6 years too.

            1. A jar of ajvar is back there somewhere, as is some hummus, and a small box of flatbreads.

              1. Does a bottle of Veuve Clicquot 1988 Vintage count?

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                  Count me in when you decide to clean house of this old stuff!

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                    Only if you bought it in 88. But let me know when you're opening it and I'll be happy to check to see if its still good!

                    1. re: Bkeats

                      Actually, we bought 3 cases when daughter was born in June 88. Used one case to celebrate her birth, one case to celebrate her college graduation, the bottle in the back of the fridge was put away at birth to be used to celebrate her engagement(whenever that might occur) and there are still 11 bottles in the wine fridge to clebrate her wedding.

                      Similar purchase was made for the younger daughter (1997), but it's stored in the basement, never put a bottle in the fridge.
                      I still have the whiskey my father bought to celebrate my birth, the kids can use it to drink a toast to be after I'm gone. This is an old family tradition on my father's side. My mother will be 90 this coming week, no bottle was put away at her birth, but there is a bottle of Haig and Haig Pinch that was not opened at her wedding in 1944 that we're going to enjoy.

                      1. re: bagelman01

                        Very nice tradition. I could never do it as I have a habit of drinking what I buy even if I originally bought it for a special occasion. I once got a bottle of port as a birthday present that was the same vintage as me. Drank it in a week. Great stuff. Happy birthday wishes to your mother.

                  2. my can of Billy Beer, still there from the days his brother was pres

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                      I had to google that. You're winning by a large margin. Can't imagine much else from the '70 still around in someone's fridge.

                    2. A bottle of Thai Red Bull--circa 2004. Bought 2 once to help me with jetlag, and after the first bottle, you could barely peel me off the ceiling. The mr. hung on to the second bottle as a souvenir.